Michigan Comics Collective New Kickstarter!: Monstrous

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Remember Greg Wright? Yeah that guy..no? The one from Michigan Comics Collective? Super nice guy? I did a review of Wild Bullets? He was also on my show Comics R Kewel and Slack Jaw Punks? Anyway! The guys at Michigan Comics Collective are back with an all new story! Monstrous, a steam powered world with monsters and robots…what? Support the Kickstarter.

According to Author Greg Wright he has stated he’s had a long harbored strong desire to do a comic series that twists the Frankenstein mythos and blends it up with steampunk robotics and anti-heroes straight from “True Grit” and “Three Men And A Baby.”  Greg found out about this long-harbored, and strangely specific, desire when he started writing the first script for MONSTROUS! Why? Because why the hell not!

Just check out this first issue cover page:




Greg Wright and the Michigan Comics Collective have been friends of ours for quiet sometime and we are always willing to help them, they want them to help them so much that this week I will be reviewing Monstrous this week!

Below here please support the Kickstarter project for our friends at the Michigan Comics Collective:

It’s even got a neat little video…

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