#LoveIsInTheScare This Valentines Day

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It’s a safe assumption that is your dedicated reader of SJP (Slack Jaw Punks) you’ll be home alone on Valentines Day. Sorry nerds, you know it’s true.

Fortunately, Scream!Factory foresaw this dilemma and figured out a way for you to score also. Starting at noon and running till midnight on Valentines they will be running a pretty epic horror movie marathon.

Films include: Beyond Darkness, Ghosthouse, Metamorphosis, Nomads, Class of 1984, Witchery and The Editor.

Not bad right?

They will also be giving away some free stuff and other fun stuff. Go over to, http://www.lovescare.com is for more details. Or watch the promo above.

Oh, what will I be doing Valentines? Why am I so smug in my dissemination that you, valued reader, you be like Kevin McCallister, forgotten and unloved on February 14th? ‘Cause I know for a fact I’m taking my wife to dinner and viewing Deadpool after. It’s what grow ups do.

Ok to be fair if my wife didn’t want to see Deadpool, I’d be glued to my iPad watching this marathon.

Enjoy the marathon!