Lost Jess Franco soundtrack for “The Naked Superwitches of the Rio Amore” coming from Private Records! (NSFW)

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What can be said about the films of Jess Franco? You either love them or hate them, there’s no in-between. The director was so prolific, it can be a daunting task to try and track down everything he was associated with and at one time, I tried. It was too much for me to handle but my appreciation for his work has never subsided. I have always appreciated the music in his pictures and Franco himself was an accomplished musician, so this news that fell in my lap is actually quite exciting for fans.

From Private Records:
In a unique and brilliant move from Private Records, collectors can own their very own copy of THE NAKED SUPERWITCHES OF THE RIO AMORE Soundtrack on Limited Edition vinyl. The film was directed by the legendary Jess Franco, starred Playboy Playmate Uschi Buchfellner, with music composed by Gerhard Heinz.

“We are proud to present a totally unspent high class porn disco soundtrack with psychedelic progressive and electronic elements. It’s a very balearic sounding 1970’s/80’s Ibiza hippie style LP. A perfect album that will leave vinyl and music diggers speechless who already thought they knew all the musical highlights of the last century. Fortunately in the end everybody is going to be lucky because it”s beautiful that amazing stuff like this still can be found 30 to 40 years after it’s production. Available on vinyl (exclusive) for the 1st time ever! Including free download + 7 bonus tracks.

Foldout Artwork!

Gerhard Heinz composed over 150 soundtrack albums, many of which have never seen the light of day. He’s long retired and owns the rights to his work. It took three long years before he decided to let Private Records in and pillage his archives and it’s a glorious one. This particular soundtrack, never before released, will be the highlight of your collection. Dubbed fresh from the analog master tapes soundtrack producer Gerhard Heinz in 2016.”

You can find out all you need to know about the rare release by clicking the links below. You can hear a sample of the groovy sounds as well as order your very own copy. Warning: NSFW!

Get The Naked Superwitches of the Rio Amore LP here!