Loot Crate Review: #FEAR

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Duff here…

Loot-Crate-Logo-Vertical-BLACKThe good folks at Loot Crate, (www.lootcrate.com), we’re incredibility kind or intoxicated and sent me their latest “crate” to review. How awesome is that?!

If you are unfamiliar with Loot Crate; get familiarized son! Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box service that is packed full of delicious geek goodies.

“What Goodies?”

For example: T-shirts, Pop Funko Toys, Action Figures, Candy, Comics, Game Tie Ins, and more… Also each crate has a theme, this month’s crate was called “FEAR”, others include “villains”, “Transform”, “Dragon”…etc..

I mean the ladies get their BirchBox each month, why shouldn’t nerds get a monthly snail mail treat?

“But Duff, this magical gift must be super expensive? How can I afford one on my Taco Bell salary?”

To you I say…

“Friend, it’s only one Jackson* a month. That includes the crate and shipping.” (*For those readers in the GED demo : Andrew Jackson is on the $20 dollar bill. He was the 7th President of the United States.)

And what’s even cooler is that every month they randomly pick one winner of the Mega Crate! If you’re so lucky you could get a gaming system, killer headphones, high-end collectables. These crates are valued around $750 worth of merch.

So this month’s “FEAR” crate…

      1. T-Shirt with a skull made up of cats. Awesome. Valued $15.
      2. Exclusive Walking Dead #132 Comic from Image. It comes bagged and boarded, and it’s staying that way. Valued at $15. I see it on eBay for as much as $35, but that seems high.
      3. Dead Rising 3 SledgeSaw Pen from Capcom. It’s very cool, but I not invested in the property. Again it’s ranging everywhere from $5 to $13 bucks on eBay. I’m Valuing it at $8.
      4. How to Survive a Sharknado and other unnatural disasters book from Three Rivers Press and Syfy. This is probably my favorite thing out the box. I love books like this. I have a How to track Bigfoot manual my brother got me, and I carry that everywhere. (you never know). Amazon is selling it at $10 bucks.

      5. 4×6 Walking Dead postcard. It’s funny and cute. $3 value.

      6.Bite Tattoos for Halloween. $3 value
      7. Special code to unlock Thanatos & Exclusive Jack the Reaper Skin from Curse Voice & Smite. Not a huge gamer so this isn’t a big deal to me. $5 value I guess.
      8. Loot Crate Pin, Loot Crate 3-D Magazine, and piece of Toxic Waste Candy. I love the button, and the magazine is cool, especially the Robert Kirkman interview. I haven’t tried the candy. $3 value.

As you can see the Loot Crate is well worth the $20 investment. I dig everything in the crate, and if I was more of a gamer I’d probably be more psyched about the pen and Curse Voice. Am I sold on Loot Crate, heck yah. I look awesome int he Cat-Skull shirt and now I know how to fend off a Sharknado!

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