The Lodgers Premiering At TIFF Sept 8th (Tomorrow Night)!!

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There is an old saying in Hollywood: “No one ever sells their first script.” ( I Googled it. That is not a saying in Hollywood or anywhere, but it sounds good so I’m sticking with it…) Apparently, no one ever told screen writer David Turpin. Not only does he sell his first script, The Lodgers, but it gets made into a movie by Brian O’Malley. A couple of years back O’Malley delivered Let Us Prey, a brutal and trippy flick that pulled no punches. With The Lodgers it appears that O’Malley is going for a more restrained approach with The Lodgers. A gothic ghost tale about siblings who are bound their family mansion by the evil spirits who dwell with in. I got a chance to chat it up with screen writer David Turpin and got his thoughts on couple topics days before his world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival.


David on selling the first script he ever wrote:

 Because The Lodgers was the first screenplay I have ever written and I didn’t have a frame of reference, I didn’t know that is was unusual for a first screenplay to get made until they told it was weird. I feel very very fortunate to not only have it made, but to be a GOOD film too. 

Turpin on working with director Brian O’Malley:

When I saw ‘Let Us Prey’ I was really struck by [O’Malley]’s visuals. Visually bold and the music was used in a very bold way. You know… [Chuckles] I am very very shy and retiring and a quiet person. I knew that [O’Malley] would bring energy and force to The Lodgers. And he really did!


The Lodgers has it’s world premiere at TIFF 2017 on Sept 8th. Check the trailer out below and check back here for updates on release info and the full interview with David Turpin!


SYNOPSIS:  A gothic ghost story about orphaned twins Edward and Rachel who share a crumbling manor in 1920’s rural Ireland. But they are not alone. They share thehouse with unseen entities who control them with three absolute rules. As separate fates draw them apart, the twins must face the terrible truth about their family’s ghostly tormentors.