LIVE TWEET: Blood Drive on SyFy

Couple episodes back on the Slackjaw Punks podcast, Bub shared the trailer for the upcoming  macabre grindhouse series Blood Drive premiering on SyFy. Well it’s finally here and I’m staying up way past my bed time on a school night to live tweet every blood-soaked moment! So make sure you’re following our Twitter (CLICK HERE and make sure) and join up starting at 10PM EST!

View the Live Tweet:

Steampunk Slink is my favorite thing from this season. #BloodDrive

Just wrapped an interview with Bruce Campbell! Look for it on the next episode of the SJP…

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Burning Blood@BurningBloodSJP

BURNING BLOOD: The #BloodDrive Podcast Episode 10! @syfy @BloodDriveSYFY

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In the meantime, enjoy the trailer:

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