Leprechaun: Origins New Poster!

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If you listen to our podcast you’ll know that I took a lot of heat for making this my most anticipated movie of 2014. However, I still stand by pick and it looks like  I’ve struck gold. Yuck, yuck, yuck. With Oculus doing so well and getting great reviews,(which is produced be WWE the same company doing this film) it gives me great hope that this film wont suck. And if you don’t believe it’s getting good reviews just check out Bubs review here http://slackjawpunks.com/2014/04/14/movie-review-oculus/ .  God ,I hope it doesn’t suck  because I want to rub it into the others guys stupid faces with a big fat I told you so! Ok, clam down breath. Back on track now.  Well WWE just released the new poster for the film which looks fantastic check it out below. Very little is known about the film. The only things confirmed is that WWE is producing it, Zach Lipovsky is directing and WWE star  Hornswoggle will be playing the Leprechaun. We will keep you posted as soon as a release date and plot information becomes available.


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