Leprechaun in the Hood: The Musical: A Novel

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Yup you read that right! The internet as you know is full of wonderful things and sometimes you have to fall down that rabbit hole to find them. And that’s how I came across this.  If you follow the site at all or listen to the podcast you’ll know that I’ve taken a lot of heat for my love of the leprechaun series and reboot. I still stand by statement as the reboot is my most anticipated film of this year and with WWE and Blumhouse hitting with Oculus  I may just come up on the I told you so side of things. Fingers Crossed!

So when I was looking for Leprechaun news I was surprised and intrigued to find this. Leprechaun in the Hood: The Musical: A Novel. Penned by Bizarro writers Cameron Pierce, Adam Cesare and Shane Mckenize. It’s a free weekly novel that can be found on Dreadit (Reddit’s horror page) with part 8 just being released.  Here is the link. http://www.reddit.com/r/horror/wiki/lep    It’s not to often that someone is willing to give you something for free. So why the hell not? And who knows you may really dig this. Maybe this can be the next Book of Moran. A man can dream can’t he?


Leprechaun in the Hood: The Musical: A Novel is a serial novel written by Cameron Pierce, Adam Cesare and Shane McKenzie that will be released in weekly installments, for free, right here on Dreadit. It tells the story of what happens when a group of friends tries to put on a stage musical based on the film Leprechaun in the Hood, only to end up falling foul of the real-life inspiration for the films, and man is this leprechaun pissed.

We’ll be linking to each installment in this wiki to give you easy access to the novel in its entirety.