Lemire Heads to Marvel For Hawkeye

In Comic Books by Thom Williams1 Comment

From one archer to another, Jeff Lemire is crossing the line from DC Comics to head to Marvel Comics. Most recently, Lemire’s work could be seen in the pages of Green Arrow, Justice League United, and a co-writer of DC’s Futures End alongside Dan Jurgens, Brian Azzarello, and Keith Giffen. His new take on Hawkeye, along with artist Ramon Perez, will start with a new #1 at the end of the current Hawkeye creative team’s run. Lemire may have big shoes to fill, especially taking over a comic that has made Marvel fans around the world fall back in love with the character of Clint Barton, but there’s no one better to take the quiver away than Lemire, who wowed DC fans with his runs on The New 52’s Animal Man and Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE.


Now that Lemire’s exclusivity with DC Comics is over, are there any Marvel projects you’d like to see him work on? Maybe team up with Rick Remender or Jason Aaron for an epic crossover event? One can hope.