KickStarter Preview: Ink Island, Comic and Teaching Guide for All Ages!

Hey Everyone, something cool is coming out of ComixTribe again! Ryan K. Lindsay and Craig Bruyn are coming together to create a comic that also functions as a teaching guide to create comics and helping kids learn about comics! That’s pretty awesome, Ryan K. Lindsay goes into detail by saying:

INK ISLAND is an adventurous all ages one shot comic about a lighthouse that keeps away the monsters in the dark. This Kickstarter campaign is also creating a complete teaching guide to be used with the comic, which provides a range of lessons and ideas suitable for use in the class or at home, as created by the writer who is also a teacher.

This full colour 22 page one-shot comic from the Australian partnership of artist Craig Bruyn and writer Ryan K Lindsay tells the story of Parker and Elliot [Ryan’s children] who live in a lighthouse and have the duty of keeping the disgusting monsters in the dark away.

When an attack during a blown globe results in Elliot being kidnapped, Parker must conquer his trepidation and travel out with his fearless stuffed frog companion, Williams, to mount a rescue mission to Ink Island.

I’m super excited for this book to come out! Please support this Kickstarter and watch the video for more information! 

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