Key and Peele say the N-Word and Rescue a Cat in KEANU-Trailer

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Key and Peele are masters of the hilarious, for five season they made some of the best comedy on tv in the last few decades. Now they bring that crazy brand of laughs to the big screen with a John Wick spoof of sorts in KEANU. After Peele’s girlfriend leaves him, he finds a a kitten, Keanu, at his door and quickly becomes his whole world. After the cat is kidnapped by some street toughs, Peele and Key must infiltrate their world in order to get the feline back home. Of course theres a few gun battles to get out of the way before they do that.

So far this looks like the funniest film coming out in 2016. What do you guys think?

Oh, trailer is NSFW. Enjoy!

KEANU hits theaters April 29th. Stars Key and Peele, also Will Forte, and Method Man.

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