Karen Gillan’s Horror Short CONVENTIONAL Watch Here!

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Scottish beauty and Dr. Who alum, Karen Gillan continues to impress with her second short film, Conventional. Conventional takes are dark look at fandom, allow with ageism and sexism in movie making. She plays a former final girl past from her glory days now struggling to make it on the convention circuit. Despite her decline in popularity though, she still has her fans…die hard fans.


Even with a short run time of nine minutes, Gillan throws everything into it, even donning a set of fake Kardashian lips. Her character is desperate and all together sad. Those of us that been to cons enough, especially horror-cons, knows there’s a great deal of truth Gillan is laying down here.

Conventional is differently worth checking out. Gillan’s created a solid micro horror joint with a few uneasy laughs, some insight, and a good helping of creepy!


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