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All Martha jokes aside and casting all worries of a tonally incoherent mess, Justice League delivers.  What exactly does it deliver? This is clearly a movie made for pre teens and a rabid fanbase that will be lost on any discerning film-goer. It is the cinematic pinnacle of big studio superhero movie bloat jammed to the two hour brim with tried tropes and jerky narrative.

Casting-wise, there is a mix bag. With his highly anticipated solo film in queue, Jason Momoa makes Arthur Curry, Aquaman, his own and delivers the only redeeming performance (outside of cameo appearances.) With Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot reprising their roles as Batman and Wonder Woman respectively, there is zero depth or development added to either character. I cannot give an accurate assessment on the kid cast as Cyborg as his flat performance is ghastly overshadowed by horrendous CGI befitting of the Ryan Reynold helmed Green Lantern-more on this later. Then we arrive on the weakest member of the cast, Ezra Miller as Barry Allen aka The Flash. I’m all for an actor making a role their own but turning Barry into a sniveling, socially anxious punchline is such a stark deviation from the beloved comic character that it’s hard to imagine if DC has any involvement with their properties.

So the CGI; the only word i can find is: dated. For a film that relies heavily on it – both in set and character design, the abomination put in front of viewers would have been acceptable for a production with half the budget of Justice League. This issue carries through the entire film as the main, big baddie is completely computer animated. When stacking up against other super- hero properties of late, it’s hard to believe in the imminent threat or waning stakes when your super villain is a notch above a Sharknado(no offense to the beloved Sharknado franchise.)

Justice League does improve on the story-telling of Batman v Superman but still delivers a jerky narrative which is completely derailed by [SPOILER ALERT…sort of] the resurrection of Superman. This isn’t to say that you won’t be left pondering how glaring plot holes were overlooked in post production, but the entire third act of the film never gains traction – I’m going to blame the obvious shift in directorial execution but I can’t be certain

Let’s be honest with ourselves – if you are a comic fan or a super-hero movie buff, you’re going to see this regardless of my warning. Justice League isn’t a bad movie but it’s far from a good one.  If you’re paying attention and want better movies made, this is a hard skip and may catch the director’s cut. If you have the hankering for comic-book goodness, check out Thor: Ragnarok or better find a nice indie flick at your local art house cinema.