Jason Statham Doing What He Does Best In The Trailer For Wild Card!

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When it comes to punching people in the face no one does it better than Jason Statham. I admit it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, but to hell with it the man is a badass. I know what you’re saying: “But Bub, at this point we have seen Jason do it so many times why would be excited now?” If I was holding a glass of wine I would toss it in your face for asking such a silly question! But if you must need something more than Statham’s knuckles breaking teeth, rest assure that this time those knuckle will be directed by Simon West, the man behind the greatest movie ever made: Con Air! If you need any other reason to see this flick check out the trailer below and you can join me on Jan 30th when  Wild Card hits theaters and VOD!


PLOT:  Nick Wild (Jason Statham) is a Las Vegas bodyguard with lethal professional skills and a personal gambling problem. When a friend is beaten by a sadistic thug, Nick strikes back, only to find out the thug is the son of a powerful mob boss.  Suddenly Nick is plunged into the criminal underworld, chased by enforcers and wanted by the mob.   Having raised the stakes, Nick has one last play to change his fortunes…and this time, it’s all or nothing.



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