Movie Review: Suicide Squad

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All right boys and girls, because BeardMaster didn’t want to take this one, due to me holding him up at gun point, I’ll be attempting a review of the new DC’s attempt to make something cinematically pleasing: Suicide Squad! I have some very mixed feelings on this movie…so lets begin.


First and foremost I walked into this movie with very low standards seeing, a team of the most dangerous people on the planet assembled to fight crime…oh and Killer Croc is there as well. The only aspect ever brought to light on this movie from the trailers is that Will Smith is there and Margot Robbie is hot, other then that there was no real premise to marketing. But I digress.

We started off the movie with Will Smith punching his misery away as he remembers that Jaden Smith is still his kid. We then cut away to Harley Quinn and surprise immediately the Joker is revealed, I’ll tell you my opinion on that later! That’s it…right out of the gate we are rushed into the statement that Amanda Waller found Enchantress heart and wants to assemble Task Force X to be the saviors during terroristic attacks..oh and Rick Flag is boning Enchantress, not to give to much way but after this you can pretty much figure out what happens at this point in the movie…there are NO surprises.


The character development in this story is pretty poorly done, DeadShot is focused as the villain that has a soft spot for his daughter, which is great considering newer fans probably aren’t familiar with DeadShots story anyway. HOWEVER, almost 15 mins (or it felt like) of Harley Quinn was rather pointless as her character doesn’t need anymore additional build up. The rest of the characters are nonchalantly touched on, I’m sorry but El Diablo would have been a fantastic story as he’s a fairly new rendition of the original character!


Acting wise everyone fit their role quiet well, Will Smith fit the role of DeadShot perfectly with his veteran status in the action movie genre blended perfectly with the comic book feel the movie was portraying. Margot Robbie was great as Harley Quinn although sometimes I feel like she was forcing herself to act crazy almost as unneeded times. Jay Hernandez played a very likable eccentric El Diablo and honestly I have to say Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje played a great Killer Croc, even though he only has like..5 lines. In short everyone in the cast was perfectly done, each one of them made the role their own and brought a little flavor!

Now forgive me as I’m not the best at reviewing movies but my final conclusion to this movie…it was fun, pure absolute fun. With BVS they went the whole dark gritty and depressing route with it. Which made it feel like you’re watching concrete the live action movie. With Suicide Squad you feel almost like you’re in the first issue of a comic book with the story building itself up to something more exciting. Sure there are A LOT of questions and plot holes, but that doesn’t stop the movie from being laughably exciting as you watch Captain Boomerang try to act menacing against a horde of demonic entities! I say it’s just a fun popcorn movie to go and enjoy on a date out.


Okay look here is my statement on the Joker: I think he was fine…and here is why. Jared Leto really got screwed over with this role, there were SO many scenes according to him that were cut from the movie. Giving him only 5 mins of screen time doesn’t justify how an actor portrays a character such as the Joker. Yes I know he was more humanized and a lot more soft but at the same time…THATS ALL WE KNOW. With Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and others..they had the entire movie to build up the character and for us to be engaged with him. Jared Leto didn’t, the only thing we really saw was him attempting to save Harley, and honestly…I kind of like that, as much as the Joker didn’t need to be in the movie at all, it was nice to see him acting in a different manner, because honestly, I feel like that was a little more unpredictable then the..”predictable” psychotic’s we are all familiar with the Joker. So..he was fine.