Iron Squid and Just Bob’s Top 5 Weird Comics of All Time

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This week, Chad A.K.A “Iron Squid” and I sat down and decided, rather than rely on other sources for our information and rants, we would come up with our own from this point on.  There will be some articles that we decide is CRK worthy, but for the most part we are our own source now and yours as well…..hopefully.

As our first line of business this week, we talked about some of the weirdest/craziest comics we have ever been witness to.

Now, the world is full of strange and crazy comic books, so we had to narrow it down to the top 5.



Title number five:  ICP. Yes. You read that correctly.  ICP.  (Insane Clown Posse)

You see. Back in the late 90s, there were a lot of musician comics published. Marvel was not doing so hot and they actually published the brunt of these.  On a side note, sadly I own many of them, but I digress.

Anyway, ICP decided that it was “in their best interest” and their followers’ interest to make a comic of their own and that is how it saw the light of day. Below, is a picture of this fabled comic in question.



Fourth on our list is yet another band’s comic

Remember this was a time, when some publishers were kind of struggling and ‘cough! cough!’ Marvel decided that this was nothing short of a “fantastic!” idea.  I mean who wouldn’t want a comic based on a popular band?

Also remember that this was also a time when many musicians were fighting the internet, in it’s infancy and the “Big Bad Wolf” of the time, our friend, NAPSTER. Thusly we encountered ONYX.  Yes I said “ONYX”. The one hit wonder that gave us the song Slam and so I give you ONYX.



Third we have a love story, base on a very long standing “daytime soap opera”. Now before I tell you what it is, I have to give you a little history lesson.  The Soap in question had been in existence for 70 consecutive years.

I give you Guiding Light and sadly about tow or three years after this magnificent comics appearance, the show ended abruptly. So….that is number 3.





Coming in at number two, is yet another musician comic book.  Before his daughter swept the nation with her good looks and totally batshit crazy, self defeating personality, he decided that the world could just not do without his fantastic mullet hairdo on bookshelves across the globe.  Ladies and Gent, can I get a drum rooooolllll?  I give you Cyrus.




Don’t lie. You know you want his rugged good looks.


Now we get to our number one choice.  Before I get to it and say what it is; even though I’m sure you already looked at it anyway and are asking yourselves WTF? Let’s recap a bit.


5. ICP


3. Guiding Light

2. Cyrus



Coming in at number one, the one, the only, his Holiness  Pope John Paul II.



Que the giant organ .  ahhh ahhh ahhahhhhhhhahhh  ahhhh ahhh ahhhh.


And why not finish up our quest for glorious, strange, weird comics with PJPII?


He was hip, and athletic and interesting way before he ran the largest organization on the earth and quite possibly the oldest man alive as well.


There you have it folks.  CRK top five weird comics of all time.


Until next time.


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