Inverse Press’s Roadkill Du Jour

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If I’ve said it once I’ll say it a million times: I fucking love Kickstarter! So many damn talented people out there that have something real to offer with no way to make it happen. Now I know for every great thing on KS, there’s the 100 that suck, but Kevin LaPorte is a comic writer that has voice that needs to be heard…. Okay maybe he’s not a revolutionist, but the man does write some damn cool funny books. His latest venture into the world of graphic novels is Roadkill Du Jour. Bikers, Voodoo and Violence. Sounds right up my alley.

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PLOT: Roadkill du Jour is a tale of motorcycle gangs in a mystic bayou world, clashing in an explosion of vengeance and voodoo.  At the heart of it all is the enigmatic loner whose quote began our story just above.  DuJour is, by all counts, a victim…of fate, of changes, and – most of all – of the black magic-wielding Mama Houdoo, dark mistress of the rival Gatorbait Motorcycle Club!  Our story is that of duJour’s quest to rid himself of his curse(s) and gain some satisfaction at the expense of Mama and her ilk