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Several weeks back I was given the opportunity to talk with the lovely and talented star of WRONG TURN 6: LAST RESORT Sadie Katz. The film made its world premiere this past weekend (August 22) at Film 4 FrightFest in the U.K. to much excitement from fans. So what does Sadie have to say about the film? It’s an interesting and chat as she dances around trying not to give away too much of the film before its release from Fox Home Video on October 31.

Sadie Katz: I always feel like these interviews are like awkward first dates.

Corey Danna: They can be a little bit. So, lets talk about WRONG TURN.

SK: I’m not sure what I can give away so this should be a funny interview because Fox hasn’t given me the parameters of what I’m allowed to say. Part six is a little bit different because we’re sort of re-launching it and it’s very very different as far as trying to give the fans what they want, especially the ones who have hung in there. It’s unusual that a number six comes out and says, “You know what, fuckers, you’ve hung in there so this one’s for you.” I watched all of them back to back so I was like, “OK, I’m going to Bulgaria so lets see what we can do with part six.” We have a new director, a new DP (director of photography), a new writer, and you can tell they really decided to wow the fans. All the actors took it really, really serious and everyone really cared about everyone and we all came out to watch each other shoot. Valeri (Milev) the director has a background in music videos so it’s really stylistically different than the other ones.

CD: He really does have a unique style behind the camera. I’ve seen his film CODE RED and I’m curious to see how it translates over to the franchise.

SK: I’m telling you, this guy is something else. Do you remember the truck?

CD: Yeah, of course.

SK: So, this truck pulls up, it’s snowing and cold as fuck, right. This truck comes up and it’s costing a lot of money, one hundred and fifty people are out, the producers are out, they’re amazing by the way, so they’re looking on and are like, “Come on, Valeri, get a move on.” The truck is coming up the hill, we’re going to film it and move on. Everyone is speaking Bulgarian, they know English too but speaking Bulgarian, and with the weather everyone wants to get the hell out of there. Valeri is watching the truck come up through this beautiful forest and there’s this little tiny plastic bag blowing in the wind like a tumbleweed, you can barely see it. This Truck of Satan is coming and Valeri screams, “No, we have to do it again.” With the snow, the truck can barely make it up the hill. Everyone’s worried the truck is going to fall apart. Valeri wants to do it again but the producers are yelling, “We can take it out in post!” Valeri wasn’t having it and he knew just how crucial that particular shot was. You never see that anymore, people just do the shot and move on but Valeri was always like, “Eh, lets do it one more time.” It was exciting to know we were part of something where the director really gave a shit about the film. Like, A LOT. I’m excited and I really hope the fans like it. It would be great if the fans are like, “Oh my god, this is so rad!” You don’t want to be a part of a disappointment, you want to reward them for sticking around for so long.

CD: How did you end up involved in the movie?

SK: My manager submitted me for it then another director I had worked with submitted me, then another director I worked with brought it up and I had already been recommended for it. I did ask him to send a little note to the casting director saying I was great to work with. Any little thing helps. In Los Angeles, you get like five thousand submissions of blondes and it takes really hard work just to get your foot in the door. When I got the script I was like, “Wow, this is wild, this is crazy.” I wasn’t supposed to know It was WRONG TURN or a horror franchise, because they didn’t want the script leaked. I just had this really weird feeling I was going to get the part and I didn’t know too much about my character. So when I walked in I just felt like I would go for broke and just had a lot of fun. I really wanted to create a different kind of character. Without giving anything away, I just wanted to go for broke and have fun. UFO Productions in Bulgaria have a really great reputation for treating their actors well and they’re really professional, so that really intrigued me. It was a regular audition and it was sort of a crapshoot, you wonder if they get too many blondes or too many brunettes, and it’s only myself and another actress, Aqueela Zoll are the only Americans and the rest were cast out of the U.K., fresh out of theater school. These are trained British actors and they’re really good. They took it extremely seriously. They really cared about what their character’s intentions were, to the point where they would figure out what their character would eat for lunch. It’s kind of weird when you’re doing these fun, kind of silly films, actors just want to get through them and don’t really care. All these actors really, really, really cared what was going on with their characters and wanted to give the best possible read.

CD: Did they use a lot of practical effects on this one or was it mostly digital?

SK: I’ll tell you, we went into the special effects trailer and no joke, there was like heads of my cast members, full on heads just sitting there. I don’t think they’re doing a whole lot of CGI, I saw a lot of behind the scenes of how they were actually doing it. A lot of the time we were cutting up bodies and it was really gnarly. These guys spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do stuff because CGI just really doesn’t look that real. I don’t know since I haven’t seen the final cut but it was a bloodbath. It was pretty gnarly. I haven’t seen anything that gnarly….ever! This is just another level of “Oh My God!”. The idea behind some of the stuff was just really crazy.

CD: Well that sounds promising to me.

SK: Every day someone would be dying and it was really crazy. I’m getting really curious because some of the things they did they said they were going to add more blood but how much more blood do they need? I’m having nightmares already. It’s a really weird thing but there were two head in particular that I saw and they looked exactly like the actors, exactly! But there was another actor and the poor actor was covered in blood and I asked if they were alright and they just look at me like, “Hey, this is my job. I’m telling a story and I’ll be fine.” We had some actors that had a really good sense of humor about it. It was just really fun and we had the best cast ever. Anthony Ilott is amazing!  He’s just multi-talented, he’s a musician, a guitar player, singer, and is a trooper. He’s just really fun. Aqueela Zoll, first of all, she’s really hot. She’s just really great. Roxanne (Pallett) is very famous in Europe and she’s feisty. Rollo is a cutie pie and sexy, you’ll just never meet a cast that loves each other more. We had to really bond because everyone was getting killed in these horrible, fucked up ways. (pause) REALLY fucked up ways.

CD: Damnit, and I have to wait until October.

SK: I know, I can’t wait to see it. I think this is one of the elements in the film I shouldn’t be giving away but I hope that this one will exceed your expectations, especially if you hung in there with the other ones. I really feel this one is right back on track and ready to rock n roll. Frank Woodward was the writer and he listened to what everyone wanted, made it bloodier, a little sexier, and Valeri paid attention and gave it his best shot so we’ll see.

CD: I loved the first three films but the last two were just sort of O.K.  I didn’t dislike them…

SK: Yeah, I felt the same way. The last two were more popcorny but at least the first three were trying to do something different, unique, and they had fun with the audience. I think this one is will be in tune with the first three, we’re back on track.

CD: Well that’s good news.

SK: I haven’t seen it but from the dailies, the ADR I understood and we were having fun again.

CD: I’d say two was my favorite.

SK: Two was your favorite? What did you love about two?

CD: The setup, the humor, and Henry Rollins was amazing. And I think Joe Lynch is a great director.

SK: Then you’ll flip over this one, Valeri is such a great director. And the nudity is pretty good in this one too.

CD: What was it like shooting in Bulgaria?

SK: Oh my god! The thing about Bulgaria is that the women are really, really beautiful. Those Eastern European women are just really beautiful, they take your breath away. It’s like walking around with a bunch of supermodels. It’s really trippy and you wonder why everyone is so beautiful. UFO Productions had us set up in a really fancy motel and that was really fun. I’m from California and I never really get to see the seasons change and in the three weeks we were there, it went from winter time, to spring time so I got to see it snow then seen the flowers start to bloom. In Bulgaria they have a tradition where everyone gives you these red and white bracelets and when the flowers bloom you put them on the trees and Bulgarians are very sweet people. It’s a bit of a broken country because they’re still repairing but it’s very magical and the people are magical and so is the crew. Literally two weeks after leaving there we were all posting about missing Bulgaria. I recommend everyone should go there, especially if you like dirty, fun cities. It’s not actually dirty but it’s still rebuilding.

CD: I heard the premiere was going to be at Fright Fest this year.

SK: Yes!

CD: Do you get to go?

SK: No!

CD: No?

SK: I would love to go! I would love to see the other actors. I think they’re doing a three o’clock screening. If they were doing a bigger deal, I would say “Fuck it” and go on my own to see everybody but you never know with these things. Frank (the writer) and I have been talking about doing conventions and I’m sure if the fans requested us to come out, I would love to meet people, talk with them, it would be really fun. I don’t want to give away the character I’m playing because part of the fun is not knowing who is the good guy or who is the bad guy. Speaking of the bad guys, they are really scary and they stayed in character the entire time we were shooting. They’re scary as fuck! Seriously.

CD: I always like to ask that question, it’s always interesting to hear if the villain stays in character all the time or if they’re joking around, or whatever. Everyone always seems to stay in character.

SK: They do! They’d be standing right next to me in their masks or whatever the hell it is they have on their face, and they did such an amazing job on they, a couple times I’d get nervous, they were right there and speaking Bulgarian so I would have no idea what was being said around me or they’d be just making these weird growling noises. They were just scary, all three of them. They would eat on their own and they were scary. They were just really scary.

CD: What do you think, any chance I can get some sort of exclusive bit of info out of you?

SK: Hmmm, exclusive, let me see, this could be fun. I’ll say the set for this was much grander than any I had seen in the other ones. There’s a castle that’s mind-blowing. This one is much broader in scope than you’d expect and this adds more of a storyline for the brothers that explains some things that weren’t in the other stories, like where they came from.

CD: Very interesting.

SK: If you’re into them then this one gives you some more background on them that’s really fun.

CD: Do you have anything else on the horizon now that you’re finished with WRONG TURN?

SK: Actually, I was just cast in a film by director Jim Towns called STATE OF DESOLATION, it’s a zombie movie with a twist. I know how over-done the zombie film is but when I read the script I realized just how good it was. I’ll be shooting that soon, then I’m doing something I don’t want to give away too much about but it’s about my quest to meet Bill Murray. It’s my passion project, I’m not very in awe of many celebrities but I’m such a fan of Bill Murray and is irreverent attitude and the way he goes about life so I’m on a quest to meet Bill Murray.

CD: Wow, now that sounds fun.

SK: Right! But I haven’t met him yet so I’m in the midst of that and it’s really fun. But I’m really excited about WRONG TURN. The thing I love about horror movies is if the fans love it, they really love it. If they don’t, they’ll be sure to let you know. Valeri really gave a shit about every single shot. We tried as much as possible to really give them something we that they know we really cared about. Everyone from wardrobe, to make-up, even the grips just really gave a shit and truly cared because this was our chance to revitalize the series. Hopefully with this one we recaptured the magic that fans fell in love with in the first place.

CD: I’m really looking forward to it. You sort of have me stoked about it.

SK: I hope I didn’t talk it up too much but I haven’t even seen it yet.

CD: The first WRONG TURN just came and went and didn’t really pick up momentum until it hit the home video market. So it’s surprising to see just how long this series has gone on and people still love them.

SK: I know! Every day when I check my social media sites I find all these questions, people asking for bits of information about it and when it’s coming out. And these are coming from all over the world. It’s exciting to know people are excited and really care so much about seeing it. I really hope the fans want to see us come out for different screenings or conventions, I think that would be really cool to do. (loud screeching noise) What was that?

CD: Sorry, my puppy is getting angry.

SK: What kind of puppy do you have?

CD: It’s a lab/shepherd mix.

SK: Is it really a puppy or is it big?

CD: She’s only 9 weeks old.

SK: What did you name her? Is it some sort of horror name?

CD: Actually, my daughter named her Buffy.

SK: Of course! I did a late night Cinemax movie and they asked me what I wanted my name to be and I said Buffy because I loved that show so much.

CD: I made sure both of my kids went back and watched it.

SK: Really? My sons thirteen and one day we’ll start right at the beginning then go on to ANGEL. I haven’t been able to get into any of the new shows like TRUE BLOOD or VAMPIRE DIARIES because how can they compete with BUFFY. I think Whedon just nailed it.

CD: I haven’t watched any of them either. Both BUFFY and ANGEL were great and I don’t think any show has even come close to comparing.

SK: I’m telling you, I cried like a baby during the finales of both of them. And the episode where her mom dies has to be the best episode of any show where it shows how people deal with death. I mean, that’s what happens when someone dies, you can hear the wind chimes. I’ll never forget that episode, it was just brilliantly done.

CD: I couldn’t agree more. Well, I don’t want to take up any more of your time and I know you have to move on so…. this has been a fun chat. It wasn’t too awkward was it?

SK: (laughs) Sometimes people call and I’m like, “Hey, um OK”. It was fun and I really hope everyone has as much fun with the movie as I did making it.

CD: Thank you so much for your time and I wish you the best.



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