Interview with Zombie Kanga’s WATERBORNE’S Creative Team

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Duff here…

I stumbled upon this bloody gem of a short some time ago and have been dying to bringing it before you… Waterborne, though only clocking in under 10 minutes is one of most fun zombie outings in a while. It’s undead down under adventure that packs a punch people!

Yes there is a zombie Kangaroo, but unlike Zombeavers another undead animal flick, it plays more serious. Yes, you could argue both are camp, but where a film like Zombeavers goes for laughs, Waterborne goes for creepiness. It draws from the creature features of the late 70’s, early 80’s–it reminded me briefly of some of the elements of American Werewolf In London.

It’s a very clever and well put together film, and I was pumped when I reached out the creative team behind it at Octopod Films,director Ryan Coonan, VFX supervisor/editor/colorist Chris Tomkins, and producer Marisa Brown agreed to an interview. So enjoy the interview ( I believe that Ryan is the one answering but not entirely sure), also the enjoy the entire 10 minute Aussie-Kanga nightmare…WATERBORNE, embedded below!


Duff: Where did the concept originate ?
Octopod Films: As a young child I was chased by a mob of hundreds of kangaroos, I had to climb a tree and wait for hours for them to give up on me before I could run for safety. This experience has haunted me over the years and as a result I have always seen kangaroos as angry evil animals that want to disembowel me. Most people, particularly those that don’t live in Australia see kangaroos as cute, lovely animals that they want to cuddle. So the idea of presenting them as blood thirsty zombies seemed like a perfect match.

Duff: The creature- is fantastic- was there films or other creatures from films you tried to emulate?

Octopod Films: Rippy the bush zombieroo is by all accounts the first ever zombie kangaroo, so there was limited references we could draw on. However, as filmmakers we definitely looked at films like Cujo, Razorback, Jaws and Jurasic Park to get a sense of how others approached animal attacks on film.

Duff: Were you surprised at the success from the Indiegogo and the response from fans and critics?

Octopod Films: The fans and supporters of this little film have been amazing, out of control stupidly supportive and warm ! Who would’ve thought that a film about a zombie kangaroo could’ve inspired so much positive energy. From the very first concept image by Chris Tomkins that we put online – people went nuts. From Facebook through to our crowd funding campaign and now the online launch, people have been overwhelmingly supportive and encouraging. It never ceases to surprise me how many people have gotten behind this idea, it is awesome.

Duff:Guessing you’re all fans of the zombie genre…best zombie death on screen?

Octopod Films: I hate to say that it probably looks a bit dated these days, but for old school practical effects; I have always loved the original Dawn of the Dead scene where the tall zombie, with an implausibly large forehead walks into the helicopter rotors. Its a classic!

Duff: One myth Americans get wrong about Australia?

Octopod Films: Only one ? We don’t ride kangaroos to school. They are way too dangerous!

Duff: Chances of a war between Australia and New Zealand fought over a Mad Max better/ worse than the Lord Of the Rings arguement?

Octopod Films: Haha, I think the ANZAC spirit will prevail and we are more likely to create a hybrid film, maybe a post apocalyptic nightmare where Frodo drives a V8 interceptor all the way to the gates of Mordor with Sam playing electric guitar while standing on the roof fending off ring wraiths.

Duff: I and a bunch of other people want to see more flesh eating kanga’s when will it happen? And will it another fan backed project?

Octopod Films: We so want to be able to answer that question. I have been waiting for guys in suits to come knocking at my door with brief cases full of money, saying please make us more zombie kangaroos – but that hasn’t happened yet. We have a script, we have the tools, we have the talent! Unfortunately, this game of making movies is apparently more complex than I originally thought. You can rest assured we are trying very hard to get the feature off the ground and hopefully Rippy will hop again soon, but if you know any guys in suits with brief cases full of money, please give them my number.

Duff: If people haven’t seen the short where can they? And how can they keep up to date with what you guys are working on?

Octopod Films: For more info on the project and to stay in touch please check out the below links:


If these these questions don’t want to make you watch this film I don’t know what will…I was hooked at Zombie Kangaroos…some people you can’t please. Enjoy!


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