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Hey Geeks!

Recently, I was able to snag a few minutes with geek-critic pioneer Devin Faraci. Devin’s is one of those writers that everyone seems to have an opinion on, and Devin always has an opinion just about everything. While I don’t always agree with the bearded one, I never miss his articles.

Despite your views on his viewpoint, his latest project is not something you want to miss.

Faraci, along with the gifted Vic Malhorta are taking on Jim Thompson’s legendary pulp novel Killer Inside Me for IDW. Issue 1 dropped last week and is a spectacular read. If you enjoy crime, pulp, dark this book is for you.

Anyways enough jibber jabber-here’s the interview:

Hey Devin, thanks for doing this. Killer Inside Me was really solid, how daunting was it to take on a legend like Jim Thompson?

It was one of the most daunting things I have ever done. I started reading Jim Thompson when I was a young writer and his voice and style have been so important to me. To have a chance to help bring his work to the comics page has been fun AND humbling.

Now this was your first time in the comic realm-is there one thing you learned that’d you do differently next time?

Honestly? This has been the best first time experience I could imagine. It’s been kind of a dream, and everyone I work with at IDW is a champion. If I could go back and warn myself about one thing it would be how few words you get to use on a comic page. That was a revelation.

Vic Malhorta’s art appears if the ghost of Baumhofer or Norman Saunders inhabited his body–did it make it easier on you knowing the art would turn out so good?

I didn’t know who the artist would be when I began writing issue 1, so imagine my excitement when Vic’s pages started coming in. We’re just getting started on issue 4 and I can tell you that collaborating with him has been incredible because he’s SO GOOD and he’s able to get across the tone and tell the story so well. It’s magic what Vic does with my scripts.

Killer Inside Me is defiantly a dark and provocative with plenty of violence, especially towards women. In issue one you certainly don’t shy away from it, but did you ever feel pressure to tone it down ? (Personally, I don’t see how you could, cause it’s such a part of the evil inside Lou)

I never felt any pressure but I definitely wanted to treat the violence correctly. You want it to hit hard but not feel gratuitous. When issue 2 comes out we’ll see if we were successful.

Couple quick last one…

Your defiantly a know entity in the geek world…would you consider yourself more controversial or conversational?

I like to imagine I’m conversational but an awful lot of people think I’m controversial. I have to admit I never know when something I write will tic people off. I just have no clue what it is!

Any advice for fellow commentators , podcasters and reviewers out there?

Know your shit. You’re in a position where you should be giving information to people, so know what you’re talking about. It’s frustrating reading or listening to people who honestly have no knowledge of their subject and clearly don’t care to learn about it.

One comic you’re reading that everyone else should?


I’m hoping you have a follow-up to Killer Inside Me, any plans on what it will be?

I hope so too. There’s an original idea I’ve been kicking around with my friend, but who knows what’s next. Hopefully the sales on this book will convince people to give me another shot, because I have the comic writing bug in a big way now.


You can follow Devin(if you’re not already) on Twitter at @devincf, or listen to him over at Earwolf .  And if those aren’t your poison, check out his articles at