Interview: Valiant Executive Editor, Warren Simons

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Recently I was lucky enough to get a few questions into Warren Simons (Thanks Chris!), Executive Editor over at Valiant Comics. My love for Valiant has defiantly grown over these last few months; The Valiant issue #4 is defiantly on my top 10 for this year already.

(The whole miniseries is really great)

You might be aware they are celebrating their 25th anniversary as company, no small feat for an indie comic company. Also, they have announced a partnership with DMG to help bring some of their beloved universe to the silver screen. DMG backed the last Iron Man flick, so rest assured these will not be Roger Corman Fantastic Four look a likes. I

Simons plays most of the questions close to the chest, but they’re still fun and I’m appreciative he was willing to answer them.

Below you can see the Valiant 25th Aniv. Tour…if you’re going, don’t tell me, I’ll hate you forever.


Baltimore Comic-con 2012

Hey Warren, thanks for doing this! I’ve really enjoyed the Valiant Next line of books, especially The Valiant. Was this geared towards Valiant newbies like myself?
WS: I am really happy to hear that. We try to make all of our titles as accessible as possible, and we’ve certainly put a ton of effort into making Valiant Next a great entry point for both new and longtime Valiant readers alike.

Bloodshot Reborn (out April 15th) looks to be something very special, can you tells us about that?
WS: I think Jeff and Mico are going to take one of Valiant’s most iconic characters in a unique direction. I don’t think this will be like any other book on the shelves, that’s for sure.

Congrats, on the big news with DMG. What immediate announcements can we expect? And will the movies alter the comics any?
WS:Thank you. While I think we’ll have some great announcements coming up soon, we’re a comic-book publisher, and that’s what we’ll always be our focus, first and foremost.

Put you on you the spot, who is your favorite Valiant character?
WS:I love all of my children equally, but I do have a lot of love for both Armstrong and Kris Hathaway.

If you catch a typo (don’t think you will) hit Warren up on Twitter!



Make sure to look out for Book of Death coming later this summer from Valiant!

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