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Amanda Wyss is talented actress who starred in one of the greatest horror movies ever made A Nightmare on Elm Street. Having a heavy hitter like that on your line up is damn impressive and you would think could lead to a pretty descent career off the strength of that film alone. Weirdly, that is not always the case. Some of these actors in hit genre films are never heard from again. Fortunately for us that is not the case with Amanda Wyss. She has a new movie coming out that she starred in The Id. Directed by Thommy Hutson, The Id is a psychological horror flick that is receiving some good buzz. Amanda took some time to answer a few questions for us about this new flick. Check it out below.

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Slack Jaw Punks: Hey Amanda, thanks for doing this! How did you get involved with The Id?

Amanda Wyss: Thommy Hutson, who is a long time friend, sent me the script and asked if I would consider playing Meridith.


SJP: Your character is dealing with some heavy issues. How did you balance playing such a heavy character?

AW: Because we were on location I was able to shut out the real world a bit…So, it was a little easier to stay immersed in Meridith’s world.

SJP: When dealing with such heavy topics do you feel a certain amount of responsibility in how you convey this character?

AW: I think the challenge with any role to stay grounded in the world that the script creates, while bringing the character to life truthfully. My intention is always to honor the story.

SJP: Having starred in one of the greatest horror flicks of all time (Nightmare of Elm Street) I have to imagine you have had your share of fans. Any encounters that stand out?

AW: The Elm Street fans have been so good to me. Respectful and passionate. My mind is blown by the huge amount of love that is poured on our movie.


SJP: You have a pretty diverse resume. If you could play any role in any movie ever made, which movie/role and why?

AW: I would love to play the complex, vulnerable, beautifully written Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire. And second, I would play Ripley in the Alien series. She’s powerful, smart, flawed and feminine.

SJP: Any projects coming up you want to share with us?

AW: I’m reading scripts and looking for a good follow-up to The Id. The challenge is to find another great character role that I can sink my teeth into. The Id and  Meridith spoiled me. I’d love to do a movie with Lin Shaye. Something in the vein of ALL ABOUT EVE  or WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE.

SJP: And one last questions. How can fans keep up to date with your work?

AW: I have  a website Also, a Facebook page Amanda Wyss  and Twitter @_AmandaWyss and Instagram.


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