Interview: The Horde Producer Beth Thune & DP Laure Beth Love

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Much like Andy Palmer’s Funhouse Massacre last year, The Horde written and starring Paul Logan is shaping up to be my guilty genre pleasure this year. Mixing 80’s action with over the top gore, The Horde lands a striking blow. While not a perfect movie, it does so many things right it’s easy to overlook some of the them one-dimensional characters and plot holes. Logan’s hero John Crenshaw is part Rambo, part Dutch, part Walking Tall; easy to root for and a blast to watch. I could easily watch another Crenshaw adventure.


A while back I was able to catch up with producer Beth Thune, who took the chance on Logan’s script. It was also the first feature from here production company 313 Films–so it was quite a risk. The film’s DP Laura Beth Love(Sharknado series/ Independents Day director) always joined us to discuss the film from a more technical side. Enjoy!