INTERVIEW: Star of Krampus Unleashed, Amelia Brantley

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Tis the season! We are at the start of the holiday season and for horror fans this use to mark the end of our favorite season, Halloween. Out goes the jack-o-lanterns and costumes and in comes the horrible holiday shopping and visiting with relatives (since the election this can add a whole new level of torture for people…). Worst of all, this shift in seasons once marked a time when horror movies stopped and nostalgia for crappy animated movies takes hold and we suffer until January. I say once because the last couple years we have been hit with a wave of Christmas themed horror flicks. A Christmas Horror Story and Rare Exports are badass horror movies for the holiday season and like most of these movies revolve around one character: Krampus! Santa’s evil counterpart has finally been embraced by the horror making community and we, as horror fans, have a reason to look forward Christmas once again! Cause you know, loving our families and spreading cheer wasn’t going to happen… One of these flicks that has caught my eye is Krampus Unleashed. Another story of Krampus terrorizing a group of people on Christmas. Star of Krampus Unleashed Amelia Brantley answered a few questions for us about making the movie. Check it out below and be sure to check out Krampus Unleashed on VOD!


Slack Jaw Punks: Favorite horror movie of all time?
Amelia Brantley: The Strangers. I still can’t sit through the whole thing without feeling completely terrified.


SJP: Least favorite?
AB: Nothing really comes to mind. I think this genre has so many sub-genres to appreciate, that there’s a place for every horror movie. I think when people say “that horror movie is terrible” they just don’t understand it or can’t appreciate it for what it is.

SJP:Is there a type of horror film you usually gravitate towards?
AB:I love thrillers, suspense. I actually appreciate those more than the gore/blood and guts stuff. Although, both make me queasy, just in different ways.

SJP: What about when it comes to work – is there a type of film you find yourself usually attracted to over another?
AB: I really love heavy dramas. I think I love pulling emotions out of people and that’s what draws me to acting and makes me love it so much. I want to affect people that watch the films I’m in, and heavy drama really does that for me personally.

SJP: What was the attraction with this one?
AB: Bonnie! I loved her as soon as I read her. She’s really the best of both worlds and it’s something I applaud Robert for because he wrote this badass chick who can shoot a shotgun, but also bake a casserole, and who is sexual, but ready to kick your butt at any moment. There’s so much about Bonnie that is so different from me, so I had a lot of fun exploring that part of myself through her.


SJP: How long of a shoot was it?
AB: I was in Phoenix for about a month, and we pretty much worked every single day from sun down to sun up!

SJP: Close to home?
AB: Not too far. I’ve lived in LA for ten years now, so I consider that home.

SJP: How was the set? Mood kept pretty light?
AB: Set was a blast and also, very productive. Robert is a hoot and always had a few funny stories or jokes to crack in between takes, but when the camera was rolling, it was back to work. It was definitely one of the most well balanced sets I’ve ever been on.

SJP: What do you think audiences will enjoy about the film?
AB: I think there’s an element of humor under all the blood and guts, that makes this particular horror film a little bit quirky. I love that. I love that it’s not too obvious and a lot of Robert’s personality and wit comes through underneath.


Krampus Unleashed is now available on VOD