Interview: Ryan K. Lindsay Returns! Deer Editor #3

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Hey everyone, as you know I just launched my review of Deer Editor #3 from Ryan Lindsay and Sami Kivela, since Ryan and I have bonded to the point of he swears at me now. We decided to do an interview about his time writing Deer Editor!

RKL: Ryan K. Lindsay

IS: Me


IS: Did you expect Deer Editor to be this popular?


RKL: I had no idea what to expect when we dropped the first Kickstarter, but the response was amazing. People responded so well to Bucky as a character and I think that’s in no small amount of credit to Sami Kivela for drawing him so damn well.

Deer_Editor (TEMP)

IS: What things will you be offering now that the Kickstarter has launched? I heard something about some rare paper prints of the series being given away, how does that feel knowing only one person will be receiving this amazing offer?


RKL: The usual pledges are there to get the story and other digital goods:

-the basic story pdf at $1

-a bigger pdf with pin ups and the script and more at $3

-I put together a pdf of scripts of my work from NEGATIVE SPACE to HEADSPACE to CHUM to other stuff, and you also get the big pdf for $7

-we have a variety of insanely great pin ups from amazing artists and I letter little captions or dialogue onto them and send you the digital result, plus the script and big pdfs at $10


And then there’s some great stuff from Sami:

-$90 will get you a Deer Editor sketch from Sami in the mail

-$140 will get you a sketch of anything you want from Sami in the mail

-and $300 will get Sami illustrating and colouring a complete cover for you which you can use for your own comic and promotional needs – and if you’ve seen Sami’s cover game on CHUM especially then you’ll know what a bargain this is!

Deer_Editor (TEMP)

Then there’s the chance to win very exclusive print copies of all three issues of DEER EDITOR that I usually get printed up and take to local cons only. Every time we hit a backer total at 100 increments, someone will be chosen at random. I’m excited for this one.

Deer_Editor (TEMP)

IS: How does it feel knowing that the beloved character Bucky, will be hanging up his pen and Paper?


RKL: It’s honestly really awesome – if you’d have told Ryan in 2013 when he was walking the midnight streets with a baby strapped to his chest and writing the first issue script on his phone that he’d be here about to self-publish the end of the first story, he’d have been jumping for joy.


But then it’s also sad because whenever you close a story you feel proud and then instantly melancholy that it’s over. It’s a whole mess of emotions down here.


IS: When we last left Bucky he was entirely clueless on exactly what conspiracy was going on, now that he has discovered the vampires nest, how will this evolve him as a character?


RKL: There’s a subtle, but crucial, evolution to Bucky in his character arc. He starts off pretty damn sure of himself, but he’s too sure, he’s cocky, and it’s his downfall. As he discovered the vampire nest last issue, and now in this issue a few other things come to light, he starts to realise that he needs to open his eyes even wider. He’s got to be more thorough and not run ahead with the first thread he pulls.


It’s been fun to slowly unravel Bucky and then wind him up for the charge home in the final act of this issue.


IS: What were some other ideas with developing the final issue of this series?

RKL: Because this 3 issue arc forms my Polanski Triptych, I want to challenge myself to form other trio arcs based very loosely around the work of another creator.

Let’s just say, there’s ink on paper that’s escalating into a plan for something I’d call The Cronenberg Triptych.


IS: Will we get to see Bucky in any other stories after this, or maybe even: A TV show? Pop Vinyls? A Pez dispenser? The musical!?


RKL: Oh, man, there’s one thing I’m working on that’s better than all of those things you’ve mentioned, but I can’t break ranks and announce it yet. But rest assured, I have something I think you are going to dig hardcore if that’s the way you want to take things :]


Oh, and Sami made me a Bucky Lego minifig last year for Xmas, so that’s pretty bloody awesome!


IS: So what is next for Bucky? I remember back when you said it was a 3 issue introductory arc, will we get anymore amazing Supernatural Stories with Bucky? I have a really good one about Sharks that owe money to the mob!


RKL: I honestly do believe you’ll get more Bucky in your future. I just don’t know when it will be. I think it’ll be a far way off, sadly, but I can’t imagine me and Sami not getting back to this ever again. It’s far too much fun to ignore.


The best hope you have is of hitting a Stretch Goal I’ll announce later in the campaign which is for us to add a 4 page short to the end of the issue that features Bucky and another widely beloved [REDACTED] character. Here’s hoping we fund that hard.