Interview: Ryan K. Lindsay from Eternal

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Ryan K. Lindsay not only has the coolest beard, but when he releases a book it’s always done differently and so full of love, which is why I admire him as a writer. Now, he is back to talk about his Black Mask Studio book, Eternal!

What was the inspiration for Eternal?

RKL: It was just that initial mash-up of Viking + Ghost Story. From there, the main character, and thematic throughlines came at me pretty fast.

When creating your vision of the Shieldmaidens, what kind of research was involved?

RKL: I did a little, into what those times were like, but mostly our story is so self-contained that I didn’t stress it too much because the narrative and character arc was way more important to me, honestly.

Is there a much bigger challenge when crafting a female warrior rather than trying to create a..”girly girl?

RKL: I really don’t think of Vif as a ‘female warrior,’ and I’ve done my best to scrub the idea of a ‘girly girl’ out of my head, because those stereotypical labels hold you back in your work, almost as much as they hold society back.

In writing Vif, I never really thought about her as a woman before I wrote every line or panel. She was just a character, with many nuances, and being female was one, and being a mother was another, as was being a shieldmaiden, and a leader, and someone adept at violence.

There’s as much challenge crafting her as there’s been writing any of my lead characters in the past. The only thing that matters to me is the truth of that character, so if I get to know them well, then I’ll always speak to their truth. Whether that truth gels with what other people know of women in their lives don’t concern me because there have been billions of women on this Earth so far and just about every single one of them has been different in a wild variety of awesome ways.

So far, you’ve dabbled in Dramas, Science Fiction and much more, but what is it like writing multiple different genres? Which genre is harder to create?

RKL: I love switching up genres. There are so many places I want to roam.

I’m not sure which I find hardest, but I know I do find sci-fi the easiest because I can just make it up. Whatever I want, or need, I can just explain it away. There’s almost too much power in that. Whereas building a ‘real’ world means I’m glued to real science and physics and rules. Too often I just want to shatter those rules, and so I will, gleefully.

Will Vif pop up in other stories or will this be strictly a one-shot?

RKL: Nope, this is her one outing. So I hope people soak it up :]

With Eric’s artwork, were you going for an almost “storybook” style art?

RKL: I was just going along for the ride, honestly. I wanted Eric to cut loose in whatever way made the pages a joy for him to illustrate. I didn’t stand in his way, I didn’t dictate, and I think his passion and skill show through because he’s completely unbound.

From memory, even the page dimensions were his idea. The guy is a mastermind.

It took 3 years to make and you said that Eric continued to add to it, what was it like adapting to the evolution of the story?

RKL: It was fantastic because the story just kept on getting better and better. It was a dream to play with this project for so long, but it is good to see it out in the world now.

And there you have it folks, check out Eternal coming to shovels this January 2018!