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Okay everyone, this was an interesting email and a special request from a few people that I know! Turns out that there is this guy named Jamie Stillman that owns a custom guitar pedal company called EarthQuaker Devices,  Well it Matt Horak the Art Director of EarthQuaker Devices has drawn on a little known book called The Covenant by Rob Liefeld! Now, Matt Horak has decided to start his own comic series known as Octo Skull and it sounds amazing!


MH: Matt Horak





IS: So what exactly is EarthQuaker Devices, for those who have no idea?


MH: EQD is an guitar effects pedal company in Akron Ohio. We make stomp boxes that are enjoyed and fetishized by music nerds around the globe, from SunnO))) to Jay Z.

Link in the logo:


IS: What got your company into wanting to branch off into comics?

MH: I’ve been art director at EQD for a few years and I recently drew Rob Liefeld’s The Covenant. When I finished that book I was trying to figure out what to do next and I had the been thinking of doing a comic using the EQD pedal names for a while. With names like Hoof Reaper, Afterneath, and Bit Commander it was easy to build a world for a killer adventure story. Everybody dug the idea and we like making cool stuff so we decided to run with it.

EQC-Octo Skull Design

IS: Tell us a little bit more about Octo Skull, where did you gain inspiration for him?

MH: I wanted a barbarian adventurer, your classic Conan/He-Man type but I was going for a little different look. I knew I wanted to incorporate the EQD octoskull logo and it worked great as a big honkin’ tattoo. His facial hair is inspired by our sales manager Karl Vorndran

EQC-Octo Skull #1 p1 inks

IS: Why are they based off guitar pedals? I’ve seen many other comics based of inanimate objects (guns, food), but this is my first time with guitar pedals.

MH:  We just thought it would be a cool way to build a mythology and expand on the EQD universe.

EQC-Bellows Design

IS: How will Octo Skull interact with a world full of demons and pirates? Is he used to this kind of thing or is he a brand new thrown into the world type?

MH: The pirates wouldn’t bother him but demons are another story. Ock is a seasoned adventurer but he is concerned primarily with the material world. He’s no stranger to battling men and beasts but the supernatural is beyond his scope.

EQC-Black Eye Design

IS: How will this character develop and evolve when hunting the Hoof Reaper?

MH: At the start he is somewhat of a selfish guy, glory and riches are his only motivations. The Hoof Reaper’s arrival sends him on a quest that will definitely force him to change the way he does things and accept that the world can offer him something more if he is willing to fight for more than himself.


Yes this interview is a very hush hush interview as he wants everyone to check it out, It updates every Tuesday and Thursday with a new blood thirsty supernatural adventure!  The comic so far has a five page preview:




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