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Hey Kiddies! Recently I had the opportunity to chat it up with actress Charlene Amoia. Charlene’s done a ton of TV including a recurring role on How I Meet Your Mother, Bones, Dexter, and Sleepy Hallow; she’s also done some film work like American Reunion among others. Her latest flick is called LIVE-EVIL, it’s a centered around evil dead reeking havoc on a small college campus. It’s a bit of an old school horror-comedy in the vein of Ghostbusters and Evil Dead II. Besides Charlene, it stars Tony Todd and Vladimir Kulich.

Live Evil is debuting at Stan Lee’s COMIKAZE this Halloween evening, which is kinda awesome when you think of it. So if you live in the LA area check it out. Here’s some more info on it.

I’m sure we’ll have a review of it once it gets closer to the VOD release. Anyways, let’s get on to the interview…later nerds!

Hey Charlene!


You play a sheriff’s deputy–hear any good cop jokes while on set?

Yes! Here’s a couple that I remember-

Did you hear that the energizer bunny was arrested? He was charged with battery.

Female Police Officer: “Anything you say can or will be held against you.”
Pedestrian: “Tits.”

Ha! To some your co-star Tony Todd is on the Mount Rushmore of horror icons–what was it like working with him and who’s face you put up there?

Tony Todd was so very lovely to work with. He was super friendly and a lot of fun. In fact, he ordered lunch for all of the cast and crew from one of the best restaurants in town on his last day. Really classy guy!

I would put Robert Englund up there as well. I was a huge fan of all the Nightmare and Elm Street movies growing up. I may be dressing up as Freddy this year as well.

A lot of supernatural-ghost stuff in Live Evil–are you a believer in the paranormal, if so any experiences?

Yes, I am a believer in the paranormal. I haven’t had any experiences to date but I try to stay away from the subject as much as possible! As a kid I was a big fan of all horror movies but somewhere down the line I got spooked so I turned into a scaredy cat.

Live Evil is making its premiere at Stan Lee’s Comikaze—if you could be any comic figure who would that be and why?

Wonder Woman for sure! I mean, she kinda is the coolest isn’t she?! She’s fast, strong, smart, beautiful and can fly! But I love her accessories the most. Her Magic Lasso makes people tell the truth and her head band and wrist band are super bad ass.

HIMYM (How I Meet Your Mother)is probably how most people recognize you-lots of funny people-what one thing did you take away from that experience?

The more fun you have with a role, the more fun people have watching it!
Seems like whenever I find a way to tickle myself with the scene the funnier it ends up being.

So what’s next for you? More Horror, TV?

I just wrapped an action movie actually. Got to play a bad-ass chick along-side Steven Seagal. Learned how to shoot a few different guns which was super fun and exhilarating!

Thanks again, I remember you from American Reunion-that was a good flick. Best of luck!

Thanks so much! Hopefully we’ll be doing another American Pie installment soon!

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