Interview!: Frédéric Brrémaud author of LOVE the Lion

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Do you want to read something magical that is silent and about animals? A beautifully illustrated and captivating story about natures most deadliest predator? We aren’t talking about Bobs ego, we are talking about Magnetic Press award winning book LOVE the Lion and I got to sit down with Frédéric Brrémaud the author and get some insight on just how amazing this book is.

I: Myself

F: Frédéric Brrémaud





I: First, what made you want to write the LOVE series? What’s its true purpose? It seems like it’s educational piece.


F: The main idea was to make documentaries about animals, mixed with fiction, we didn’t want any talking or the kind of commentaries you find on TV, with animals being given human behaviors. If you want to tell a story about animals, there’s no need for words, silence is the best. Federico and I had quite a few projects on the way and we just talked about what we could do together. We really wanted to get involved in some project we would both be keen on.0000

I’ve always cared for the environment. We need to preserve our planet, or we’ll just disappear as a species. Thus, a few possibilities are available : denunce what humans do, describe the organized slaughters and propose some soltions. Some people do that perfectly well, but I would not be able to. I don’t hink I can analyze things and I don’t feel like telling sad stories.

So, what we try to do is to show wildlife as it is. The approach is different, although complementary. The reader is told about what might vanish. This side is less sad, and more exciting to make.

The other idea is far from ecology and only linked to comics, it was to allow Federico to express himself in stories without balloons, and so that we could write together what we wanted to. I really wanted him to express his talent, express things he would not have without this project.

I: What is LOVE the Lion about?

The lion deals with belonging to a group, it’s also about loneliness. The reader follows a young rejected lion, looking for a group. The reader is also shown how the group works, with the domineering male defending his teritory and scaring away other males. The book can have the atmosphere of a western movie, with open nature and the possibility of a final dual.



I: Most books rely on dialogue to tell a story, your book focuses on silence and the art to tell the story, how challenging was it to incorporate such a feat?


  F:  The main problem might be that it takes too little time to read. So, without dialogue and text, it is important for the rhythm to be a succession of action scenes and quiet ones, asif te story was a dance ballet. All in all, it enables to come back to the basics of comics as a genre, we can focus on moving and the beauty of this universe.


I: Are their other books in this series?


F: So far, 3 books from this collection have been published in the USA, the tiger, the fox and the lion.The next one will be about dinosaurs. In the Tiger, we followed a predator during one normal day, the law of the strongst prevails. However the fox is quite a weak animal in such an environment. The scene does not take place more in a jungle, but on a volcanic island with the animals all trying to flee the volcano eruption. Other themes are developed, and maternal instinct is quite important. Finally, with the dinosaurs, it’s about violence, friendship and betrayal, in the shadow of the terrible T Rex.


I: How do you prepare to get into the mind set of a wild animal? Clearly it can’t be that you find these creatures and study them.


F: Studying is essential of course, but Love is mostly a fiction. Some liberties are taken. Otherwise it’s difficult to explain. I was raised among animals, horses and predators. I must have been bitten by a deer, and contaminated.






It’s a very brief interview! But Frédéric Brrémaud is a busy man, but I appreciate him taking his time out of his way and answering my questions! I do kind of want to know more about this deer contamination….might need to look into this.


You can pick up your copy of LOVE the Lions Here!