INTERVIEW: Ernie Hudson

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Duff here…

Recently I was able to get a few questions into Mr. Ernie Hudson, aka Winston Zeddemore from the Ghostbusters. For a Ghostbusters Fan Boy such as myself this is a huge thrill. Hudson is known for being very gracious with his fans, appearing at many comic cons, through his website,, where you can purchase autographed photos, and on his twitter (@Ernie_Hudson) and Facebook pages; but it was still a honor knowing he would answer my questions. I mean he’s a bona-fide-Hollywood icon. He’s been in everything, from the Hulk on tv, to Law and Order, The Basketball Diaries, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Transformers Prime..not to mention Ghostbusters, The Crow, and OZ. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, Big Shout out to Linda Hudson for facilitating this, thanks!

Duff: To the joy of many, including myself, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 had their 30th and 25th anniversaries, to a ton of fan fare, including a theatrical re-release of the first film, and a new 4K transfer on Blu-Ray. Did you ever think the Ghostbusters films and characters would be so hot this many years on?

Ernie Hudson: I don’t think that any of us realized, at the time, that this movie would have such a loyal following for all of these years. We all knew that it was a great movie, but to think that it would still be loved like it is, 30 years later!

Duff: Winston Zeddemore, along with the other Ghostbuster characters have been immortalized in cartoons, some great toys, an awesome video game, and the fantastic IDW comic book series. Do you keep up with all that? Did you read the comics? Do you have a favorite Ghostbusters collectable?

Ernie Hudson: Haven’t really kept up on all of the ‘extras’ that come along with “GB”. I do have Ghostbuster’s Ceiling fan/lights in my younger sons’ bedrooms.

Duff: You’ve had the opportunity to work with some great SFX creatures, like Stay Puft, Slimer, Leviathan, the Crypt Keeper, and those crazy Gorillas in Congo, which one was your favorite to work with and why?

Ernie Hudson: I guess that Stay Puft was a favorite, because we ‘battled him, and won’. On that note, the gorillas in Congo were awfully fun to shoot at:)

Duff: Another one of your films, the Crow, marks it’s 20th anniversary. I think it’s a wonderful film and still holds up really well. Brandon Lee was enormously talented, and aside from the tragedy; why do you think it still maintains a such a loyal fan base?

Ernie Hudson: I think that “The Crow” resonates with so many people, because Eric Draven is sort of the ‘outsider’, looking to see justice done, and people relate to that. I think that Brandon would have been so very proud of his work in it, and how much people love the film.

Duff: If you goes through your IMDB credits, they’ll find one you have a lot of them, 200 plus, and you’ve done every genre under the sun, film, cartoons, and tv…you’re role as Warden Leo Glynn on HBO’s Oz for 6 seasons is one of you’re best. That was HBO’s first hour-long drama tv show, and it’s success paved the way for so many great series…did you guys realize you were changing the tv landscape with it, and what was like wearing the same character’s skin for that long of time?

Ernie Hudson: “OZ” was one of my favorite series to work on. The writing of Tom Fontana was the best! And the cast that he pulled together was truly amazing. I always enjoyed being on the set, working with so many talented people.

Duff: Last question; what’s Winston doing now? Is he still a Ghostbuster? Or do we just have to wait till the next chapter in the Ghostbusters saga to find out?

Ernie Hudson: Winston is like Nick Fury – he heads up the Ghostbusters now, and sends them out on assignments, keeping it all together:)

You can currently catch Ernie guest staring on TVLand’s Hot In Cleveland with Betty White.