INTERVIEW: Dream Corps LLC’s Daniel Stessen and Jon Gries

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Adult Swim is a breeding ground for fun, original and slightly insane comedy. Children’s Hospital, Tim & Eric and The Eric Andre Show are a drop in the bucket when it comes to everything AS offers and rarely do these shows disappoint. One show that is coming up that has caught my eye is Daniel Stessen’s Dream Corps LLC. From the looks of the trailer Dream Corps feels like what Terry Gilliam dreams about after a 3 day bender of mushrooms and speed.  Throw in comedy legends like Stephen Merchant, Jon Gries and Mark Proksch and you got the makings of crazy good time. Obviously, this show tickles my fancy and I hounded the good people over at Adult Swim until they agreed to let me chat it up with series creator Daniel Stessen and star Jon Gries. For the full interview stay tuned for the upcoming episode of the Slack Jaw Punks Podcast #177. Dream Corps LLC premieres Sunday Oct 23rd on Adult Swim.

Slack Jaw Punks: John, What was it about Dr.Roberts that drew into Dream Corps LLC

25852_001                                                                         Dream Corp LLC                                                                Episodic and BTS coverage of Episode 4, Season 1.

Jon Gries: When daniel contact me he said,” I want you to read this pilot call ‘Dream Corps LLC’. Right off I was like the title alone is so funny. Dream Corp Limited Liability Corp!  Daniel had a shorten version of the script, I don’t even think it was the full episode. He shot that like a year before the series and I was completely blown away. I was like,”You want me to be him? FUCK YEAH! I’ll be there in a heart beat. I was nervous about it too.  I don’t just jump into roles. I spend alot of time think about what I’m going to do and how I’m going to play it. Fortunately I we had a few weeks before we started filming, so we spent time talking about the character, honing the vibe. Then we got to do that episode and come back to it and finally it synthesized into what we see as Dr. Roberts. It’s exciting and I love it.

SJP: Daniel, Dream Corp LLC is funny, genre blending and a wild time. Was the goal from the beginning to try and make something that felt new and original?

Daniel Stessen: My goal was to make something I was just happy with it! I don’t really think about it when I’m making stuff. I just sort of black out and come to and it is what it is.

SJP: We are living in this shotgun blast of media right now. With potential homes like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and many more wass Adult Swim always where you wanted Dream Corps LLC to go?


DS: Adult Swim was always a huge inspiration to me. Yes. I never had another question of where to bring it. We brought it to Adult Swim first and the said Yes! I’m just so honored that they took a chance with us. Adult Swim and before that Liquid Television when I was growing up I was obsessed with Liquid Television and it was always “Yes, I want to do that!” or it goes back and forth with, “You can do that?” A lot of my inspiration comes the music I listen to or modern artist. Matthew Barney, Bjork, Apex Twin there’s this combination of things that are the reason this show exists or the art I make. I don’t really think about it while I’m making it.

SJP: One aspect of Adult Swim I love is the 15 minute episodes. Is this a format you find easier to work in?

DS: That was how television started with like Daffy Duck and Mickey Mouse. 15 minute episodes was how TV began and when I began with that format I thought, “Who has been in that format in the past.” Daffy Duck is one of my biggest influences in comedy. One of my first!

JG: Absolutely! [In Daffy’s Voice] Suffering Succotash!

DS: I remembering watching on a black and white TV at my Dad’s house as a child. I still think of that format and am in awe that I get to do it. I take great pride in the format and that I get to do that. It is challenging to write something in that length because you always want to do more or say more, but what we found is that getting your idea down to that 11 minutes and 15 seconds, that’s when you get just all the information and it’s just fun!


Dream Corps LLC Premieres on Adult Swim this Sunday, Oct 23rd!

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