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Rebekah Fortune’s unnerving British horror/thriller Deadly Intent is now available on VOD and digital (via platforms such as Amazon and iTunes) in the U.S. We spoke to actress Rebecca Reaney about her role in the film.


Slack Jaw Punks: Favourite horror movie of all time?

Rebecca Reaney: Hard to narrow this one down, so I’ll list a few! As a young girl or 12, I became obsessed with horror movies and in particular ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ which I’m amazed my Dad let me watch! I was also fascinated with ‘Carrie’ and the whole prom scene with the bucket of blood falling on her, that I asked my dance teacher to create a character ballet dance based on Carrie. I was 15 years old and performed the entire prom scene with fake blood while dancing en pointe……I loved it!

I love Hitchcock for a classic thriller, especially ’Rebecca’ and ‘The Birds’. I dressed as Tippi Hedren with birds all over me for Halloween last year.

As for the best scare factor, watching ‘The Descent’’ truly terrified me. They produced such a great film with the right combination of a likeable group of women so you care about the characters immediately and then throwing in enormous amounts of terror and fear with a disturbing ending. I nearly had to leave the cinema as I didn’t think I could take anymore – that’ s the sign of an excellent scary movie. That’s maybe my favourite 🙂


SJP: Least favourite?

RR: The beauty about horror movies is that they can move from the terrifying to the ridiculous very quickly so even if something doesn’t work in scaring you – it may very well make you laugh. You have to commit to the storyline of any horror plot, so as long as you have actors believing in the story, the audience will follow and then it’s a personal preference whether it’s frightening  to you or not.

SJP: Is there a type of horror film you usually gravitate towards?

RR: Probably distorted reality films such as ’28 Days Later’ by Danny Boyle. Everything seems normal on the surface, landmarks in the city you know, but everything has changed and you have a zombie apocalypse on your hands with very little options for survival. As I watch something like this, it poses the question – what would I do to survive in this situation?

SJP: What about when it comes to work – is there a type of film you find yourself usually attracted to over another?

RR: I’m attracted to a strong female character and that usually comes with some conflict and intrigue. I did have a period of shooting several horror movies one after the other and I really enjoyed immersing myself into that community. Horror fans are amazing. I played the role of Carrie (ironic following my previous answer!) in the thriller ‘Dementamania’ and our premiere was at FrightFest 2013 in London’s Leicester Square which opened my eyes to the enthusiasm and passion for the horror genre.

SJP: What was the attraction with this one?

RR: It was my first lead role in a feature film and I loved the audition process. It was wonderful working with a female director – Rebekah Fortune who really inspired me as a filmmaker and having come from an acting background was able to direct in a way that immediately resonates with actors. We improvised many of the scenes before rehearsing with the script. I loved the back story of my character  Bryony as well – a traumatised widow struggling to make sense of her own life and the disconnected relationship with her young son. There was so much to play with and I felt a connection with her immediately.

SJP: How long of a shoot was it?

RR: We filmed for 4 weeks in an adorable village called Dawlish in Devon, England with a weeks re-shoot 6 months after principal photography.

SJP: Close to home?


RR: I’m originally from Birmingham in England which is about 3 hours drive from Dawlish but at the time of filming I was actually living in Frankfurt Germany – so yes, a little further than Birmingham!

SJP: How was the set? Mood kept pretty light?

RR: We actually all lived together in this 3 story seaside townhouse in a village called Teignmouth right by the seafront. After filming we would all meet for evening dinner, squashed together on 2 tables like a large orphaned family! Our producer Diana’s husband would provide home cooked dinners which was lovely and I remember that being a really special time. We would pop to the local pub if filming wasn’t too early the next day or just collapse into bed. On set, the crew were always fun and I really loved working with Lara Lemon who plays my sister and provides the light relief within the plot but it was definitely Gus Barry, my on screen son who was a wonderful reason to have fun and not get bogged down with the harrowing energy of a horror movie. Children are a wonderful way of lightening any mood and Gus was a fantastic energy.

SJP: What do you think audiences will enjoy about the movie?

RR: The suspense.

Deadly Intent Is Available on VOD and DVD Right Now!

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