Interview: Comix Tribe, Ryan Lindsay and Sami Kivela of CHUM

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Hello everyone! I’ve been looking forward to publishing this interview since it was forced onto me by people! Well, this interview is from Comix Tribes very own Ryan Lindsay and Sami Kivela, here to promote their epic book, that I’ve been waiting for…CHUM!

Heres who’s Talking:

IS: Me

RKL: Ryan

SK: Sami


IS: First let me start off by saying, thank you guys for taking the time to let me poke your brain about this comic book, hopefully I’ll be gentle and there won’t be much bleeding.

SK: Thank you for having us, Chad. We are very proud of CHUM and love to talk about it.

IS: So far with Chum, we are under the impression that this is a Surf Based Noir, the only thing I can think of, is that it’s about Sharks that owe the mob money…thats not what it’s about right? What’s it about?

RKL: No, but I guess now that’s what my next comic has to be about because that sounds awesome, haha.

SK: Ha, yeah, count me in, Ryan.

RKL: Cha-CHING! I guess we just greenlit the spin off, ha!

CHUM is about Summer Stanwyck, our femme fatale, who wants to get away from Kingsford Island, the place where she grew up, where she brought her husband, where she fell out of love, and where she now feels imprisoned. The story kicks into gear when Summer sees an opportunity to get off the island with a bag full of enough drugs and money to see her into a new life. Even if it ends a few other lives along the way.


IS: The story is very unique, a noir surf is just something never really covered, what made you want to take a beautiful surf location and turn it into a blood bath?

RKL: There’s something about the water that’s always fascinated me. It’s mysterious, it’s dangerous, and it scares the crap out of me. And living on what is ostensibly one large island, and I’ve always lived by the coast, I know how alluring and dangerous the beach is. So when thinking about this story, the surf seemed like a great way to juxtapose against the noir. This isn’t trenchcoats and shadowy alleys, this is sun, shorts, beautiful sunsets. It’s a new feel to the environment but still 100% the same amount of dread.

IS: Art style plays a huge part in crafting a comic book story, was it difficult to blend together the story with the art?

RKL: Sami is so diverse in his talents that it wasn’t difficult at all. So far I’ve done wild sci fi with him [in an up-coming project], I’ve done DEER EDITOR which is anthropomorphic journalism conspiracy, and I’ve done this and Sami brings amazing emotion and flow to every page and always in service of the story and the tone. He’s brilliant. Though maybe he feels different, haha, Sami?

SK: Thanks for your kind words, mate. I always try to find aCHUM-3 kind of approach that, in my opinion, suits the story best. When I read the first draft script for CHUM, I immediately knew how I wanted the series to look like. So no, it wasn’t difficult to blend together the story and art. But like in every art form, the audience decides whether the creators have succeeded or not.

IS: Are you sure this isn’t about sharks owing the mob money?


SK: I’m already sharpening my pencil.

RKL: And there’s still time to edit the third act.

IS: Chum #1 will be hitting the floor in April, what can you say to people who are interested and what can we expect with Chum in the future?

RKL: Probably the biggest thing I can say is that the entire miniseries is complete. If you invest in April, I can guarantee returns in the following months because the whole thing is a wrap.

Beyond that, if you dig old paperback pulps, or the kinds of things Phillips/Brubaker and Swierczynski do with their crime, then I think you’ll dig our book. Plus, who hasn’t found themselves nodding along to some surf music before? Well, this is that same beat but with a little more blood between the notes.

SK: Ryan pretty much summed up my thoughts. I really can’t wait for readers to see what happens on Kingsford Island.


There you have it Folks! You can catch all of the Awesomeness of CHUM at: COMIX TRIBE