INTERVIEW: Comic Writer Victor Gischler

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Recently, and by recent I mean yesterday, I was lucky enough to get a few questions author/comic writer Victor Gischler. If you aren’t familiar with Victor’s work, shame on you. He is an Edgar and Anthony award nominated author of crime fiction novels; Gun Monkeys and Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse. He was also written for Marvel (Punisher, Deadpool, Wolverine), Dark Horse (Conan, Buffy, Kiss Me Satan), and Dynamite (The Shadow, Clown Fatale, Noir). Currently he has the grindhouse-esque female Mad Max on the bayou adventure “Sally of the Wasteland” from Titan Comics for us to oogle at. Victor is also a proud southerner, something that is on full display in Sally and self proclaimed BBQ expert.

Duff: The conclusion of Sally of the Wasteland is fast approaching…is anyone going to make it out alive?

VG: Nooooo no no no. No spoilers. But I understand why you’re asking. Nobody is safe. As a novelist who did NOT write a series, I never felt the need to “save” any characters for next time. I always want my readers to feel that they can never be comfortable that the protagonist will make it to the end. So once in a while you have to off a hero, so people take you seriously. So you’ll just have to keep reading. Who knows? No guarantees.

Sally-of-the-Wasteland-5Duff: Sally is a Russ Meyer dream, what inspired her?

VG: Funny you should mention Russ Meyer, because I credit FASTER PUSSYCAT, KILL KILL as a major influence for one of my other projects CLOWN FATALE. I think words like “exploitation” and “pulp” and “B-movie” and “grindhouse” a big influences in my recent creator-owned efforts. Sally comes from that tradition, but I also did a little Deadpool writing for Marvel, and there’s maybe 10% Deadpool in Sally.

Duff: Who wins the SEC this year? I’m guessing your a ‘Bama fan based off the Bamazons.

VG: Actually I’m an LSU fan. My wife teaches for the university. But “‘Bamazons” just had a nice right to it. I mean, come on. Behold the awesome. I think Mississippi State takes it.

Duff: Besides Sally, what else are you working on?

VG: I wrote an epic fantasy novel called INK MAGE and I’m hard at work on the 2nd book in the trilogy. I’m also the season 10 writer for ANGEL & FAITH for Dark Horse. LOTS of other stuff in the works.

Duff: Any tips for BBQ in the winter? I live in Michigan.

VG: Have a bottle of something out there to keep you warm while grilling in the snow.

Duff: If Sally makes it out alive, any future plans for her?

VG: Again, no spoilers. But that world seems ripe to visit again. Who knows?

You can keep tab on Victor on Twitter, @VictorGischler or at his website:

The conclusion of Sally of the Wasteland hits shelves later this month! Make sure to grab it!