Interview: ClownTown’s David Greathouse

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Friggen’ Clowns! I use to be able to tell myself that they only existed in movies and could never get to me in real life… Well, thanks alot 2016! Had to prove that wrong and give us a damn epidemic of homicidal clowns stalking all over the country. If you want to hark back to the day before killer clowns stalked our streets and just our TV screens (lord knows I do!) then ClownTown is the movie just for you! I got a chance to chat it up with SFX artist turned killer clown, David Greathouse about his role in ClownTown and so much more! Check out the interview below and be sure to grab a copy of ClownTown available right now!


Slack Jaw Punks: Let’s talk clowns! Clowns are symbols of entertainment and (apparently) bring joy and laughs to millions. So why the are so many people scared of them!?!?


David Greathouse: There is a mischief in clowns hiding underneath the grease paint. They appear friendly, but we sense a menace in their fake smiles. My Mom had a collection of clown dolls when I was a child. I always felt they were scary and evil. Now the fear of clowns have been heightened to a critical mass.

SJP:  You have a damn impressive career as Make-up effects artist, was the transition in front of the camera always the goal?

DG:  My goal is to be a film maker in many departments. FX artist, actor, director, writer, producer, cinematographer, editor. I love participating in all of the aspects of the movie making process. I will continue to chase them all until my departure from this earth.

SJP: You worked on the one of the greatest movies ever made, Stephen King’s The Stand. It’s absolutely one of my favorite films. What was it like working on it? Any stories you want to share?

DG: Working on Stephen King’s The Stand was a dream come true. I was a huge fan of the book. I was lucky to have worked with Steve Johnson’s XFX crew building the super flu corpses


SJP: There’s been a recent rash of psycho clown sightings all through the Mid-West. Pretty freaky stuff. At first I was convinced this was a ClownTown PR stunt… Now it’s looking like that is not the case. Do you think these “sightings” are good for ClownTown or might impact it negatively?

DG: You could not have asked for a better time to release ClownTown than now. I believe it is good publicity for the film. Yes, clown sightings are frightening. I spotted one walking in my neighborhood recently. Truly something that etches in your mind.

SJP:  How did you become involved with ClownTown?

DG: I became involve with ClownTown through producer Jeff Miller and director Tom Nagel. I have worked with them previously on Axe Giant and The Dead Matter. We had a good working relationship. So, when they called I was 100% on board. The chance to create iconic clowns through acting and make-up was what I wanted.

SJP:  There’s a long and rich history of clowns in horror movies. Which clown terrifies you the most?

DG: The original Bozo the clown still disturbs me and Ronald McDonald I do not trust one bit.

SJP:  If you had to choose between death by pies in the face or giant sledgehammer which way you going?

DG:  Death by pies in the face doesn’t sound as bad. Maybe because you can snack on the pies while you are slowly dying.

SJP: Tis’ the season for horror movies and we have a ton of great ones to choose from this year (including ClownTown!). Real quick tell us why ClownTown should be our first?

DG: ClownTown should be the top of the list. These are real people under the make-up. They llve in a small town and they are waiting for you to make a wrong turn.



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