INTERVIEW: Camp Dread’s Felissa Rose

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When it comes to the long list of scream queens Felissa Rose sits at the top. After a turn as a transgender pre-teen killer it Sleep Away Camp, Mrs. Rose had secured her self as horror royalty. Since then she has done a laundry list of horror films and stayed busy. Camp Dread (starring Eric Roberts and Danielle Harris, Available now on DVD and VOD) is Felissa latest effort and she’s proven why she still wears the crown. In an definite wink to her own career Felissa plays a reformed scream queen who now helps troubled youths. Felissa was cool enough to spare a few minutes and call into to SJP headquarters….


Bub Smith: I got to start this off by saying I am a fan. I dig your work.

Feliss Rose: Ohhh [laughing] You are so sweet. I really appreciate that! Thank you so much!

Bub Smith: Word on the internet is you are an insanely nice human being and in the first thirty-second you have proven the internet correct.

Felissa Rose: Is that what THEY say? You have me smiling ear to ear [laughing].

Bub Smith: You can play some pretty crazy characters so it’s great to know you’re this nice.

Felissa Rose: [Laughing] Yeah I am known for some crazy parts [Laughing]

Bub Smith: Scream queens are known for having some pretty intense fans. What’s the craziest interaction/experiences you’ve had with a fan?

Felissa Rose: I always say that the craziest fan was a young guy who put my face on his guitar. Then wore a tee-shirt with my face on it on Jack-Ass. Then followed me to a set of Return to Sleep Away Camp and proposed to me. That is my husband of 11 years! That’s the most outrageous fan I’ve ever had! He still looks at me and says “I can’t believe I’m married to Angela!” like 10 years later. It’s quite a hoot! That’s the craziest.

I have an amazing friend named Kevin Scott, who I met 9 years ago at a convention in Maryland. He brought me an Angela doll that was anatomically correct! With all the right pieces, let’s say. It was outrageous all the time energy and detail spent on this doll! It was truly beautiful and wonderful gift. He also created a Sheriff Jerry doll, a character I play.

I hate the word fan. It always make you think fanatic and weird ya know? There all my friends. Every time I go to conventions I make amazing friendships and they stay in my life! I ve been fortunate enough to have really good people around me because of Sleep Away Camp.

Bub Smith: You really are this nice. You just called your fans your friends!

Felissa Rose: To me fan is just not a good word. You can be a fan and enjoy some art or what have you but when it comes person to person we are all on this journey together. I so fortunate to meet these people and it’s impossible not to become friends!

Bub Smith: You mentioned Sleep Away Camp and obviously that’s the work you are most known for. I read online that you turned down the original sequels. Why did you pass on those?

Felissa Rose: At the time the time when Michael Simpson was creating the sequels I was 17 and I had just been admitted to NYU School of the Arts. I called NYU and asked if they could put my admission on hold and go film these two movies back to back in Georgia and they said, “No you have to re-apply.” I really had to take a long look at where I wanted my path to be and education was something my parents raised me with saying “Go to school. It’s important to get to the next level.” All the way around I think it’s the perfect scenario. Pamela Springsteen did incredible as Angela in those movies. Quite honestly, the way I portrayed Angela and the way Angela is conceived in 2 and 3 is such a different type of character. I think Pamela did a beautiful job and I was happy to go and do the next installment with Robert Hiltzik. I loved the way it happened. I would love to meet Pamela. That’s like a dream of my is to maybe work with her one day…

Bub Smith: You two have never met?

Felissa Rose: We’ve never met. Never exchanged and email or a hello. Nothing.

Bub Smith: That is insane.

Felissa Rose: I know right! I think it would be cool to have it at a convention, right?

Bub Smith: I think that would be a major draw! If I ever run a convention I’m gunning for that!

Felissa Rose: [Laughing] Well count me in!

Bub Smith: You got a new film coming out that in a way shadows your own life. What can you tell me about your character Rachel?

Felissa Rose: Harrison Smith, the writer and director wrote the character for me. He’s a fan of Sleep Away Camp and he got in touch with a mutual friend and got the script to me. Rachel is delight. She’s a reformed diva. She starred in a horror franchise called Summer Camp, a little similarity there. She comes back to meet with the director, played by Eric Roberts, because they want to do a remake, but can’t get the funding. So she thinks they are doing this reality show with troubled young people. She’s now a therapist and thinks she’s there to help this people. The movie itself has such twists and turns it’s incredible. It’s so well written. The characters are drawn out and different for a slasher film. I love the way it looks and I love the acting in it. I think it’s superb. To work with Danielle Harris and Eric Roberts is a dream come true.

Bub Smith: Eric Roberts seems like a lay back dude. Is he cool?

Felissa Rose: He is the epitome of cool! I am crazy about him! I am so crazy about him I produce my own movie called No Solicitors and cast him in the lead. That’s how cool he is. I could be around him 24/7. I love him! I love his wife! Eric Roberts is one of our most gifted actors!

Bub Smith: I’m getting the wrap it up sign from the producer. I like to end my interviews with actors on this question: If you could be in any role in any film, what role would it be?

Felissa Rose: Oh my gosh that is a fabulous question. I would love to play Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind. Everything about that movie is perfect!

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