Interview: BRIAN LYNCH, Monster Motors & Minions Writer

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YdysK8Y6Brian Lynch might not be a name familiar with all nerdi, but he’s on the verge…. Lynch is the big funny brain behind such outings as the Russell Brand voiced Hop, the Shrek spin off Puss in Boots, and soon to be released Minions animated film further expanding the mythology of those little yellow spuds. He also wrote several scripts that were bought up, but never came to be, namely When Muppets Attack! (Gonzo was James Bond that’s all I know), and The Sims movie based on the video game that will never go away.

Lynch isn’t just writing for the silver screen, he’s also written some great comics, like “Angel: After the Fall”, “Spike” and some TNMT for good measure. His current comic exploits is “Monster Motors” from IDW. Motors revved up it’s engines that past San Diego Comic Con to a lot of buzz. Initially the story of mechanic Vic Frankenstein and his discovery of beastly autos was just a one shot, but the fans cried out! Now we’re getting more grease monkey monster hunters this February. (Yahoooo!) Nick Roche (Transformers) does the pencils and inks by Leonard O’Grady (Judge Dredd) on colors to superb effect. Hopefully, this next go around turns into a full run.

Luckily for us here at SJP, Lynch was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule and answer a few questions. Enjoy!

BD-You’re from New Jersey. I’m a midwestern. In my midwest brain when I think Jersey I think the Mob, The Boss and Kevin Smith. Which one of three help jump start you’re career?

Brian Lynch-I used to live in Carmel Indiana, too! Born in New Jersey, moved to Indiana, moved back to New Jersey, and then moved to California.

As for which of those three helped jumpstart my career, Kevin Smith literally helped do that. I worked on CHASING AMY, he executive produced and co-starred in the first movie I wrote, BIG HELIUM DOG (which I also directed), and he gave his agent one of my scripts. His agent liked it, and he became my agent too. So yeah, Kevin’s been an inspiration, and a mentor, and a friend, and yes, a lover.

MonsterMotors_cvrBD-Monster Motors, was one of my favorite reads of this past year. It’s just a really fun book. What was the inspiration behind Vic and his devilish devices? Did you grow up a car guy?

Brian Lynch-Thank you! The idea came from working on the ANGEL comics at IDW, and talking to the TRANSFORMERS editor, and then mixing the two franchises in my head and coming up with Cadillacula, the vampire car that sucks gas out of other vehicles. From there, I came up with Frankenride, a giant truck made from the parts of dead trucks and cars, and the world just clicked. Victor Frankenstein was just going to be a supporting character to the cars and trucks, but as I was writing and rewriting his personality kinda took over. I love when that happens, he is easily my favorite character I’ve ever written.

And I didn’t START a car guy but I’m learning all sorts of stuff doing research for the comic books and I’m slowly becoming one.

unnamed (15)BD-The Monster Motors’ all have clever names, like Cadillacula, a Cadillac that drains the gas out of other autos, the minivan is Minivan Helsing, etc… What type of car do you drive, and what would it’s Monster name?

Brian Lynch-Whoa, good question. I drive a blue Ford Escape Hybrid. We have a Hybrid in the books, it’s Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hybrid. I’d like to drive him. He turns from a tiny genius car into this giant weaponized monster. But if I had to adapt MY car, it would be the Ford No Escape, because that sounds ominous.

BD-Nick Roche did the pencils again. Very talented guy. He has pretty awesome hair, you’ve complained on Twitter about nature taking it’s course with your own. Did this put a strain on the working relationship between the two of you?

Brian Lynch-Oh no, not at all. I live vicariously through Nick. Plus, Nick, along with Len O’Grady, brings the world of Monster Motors to life, I can’t be mad at him for also being beautiful.

BD-We’re based in Detroit,…any chance of seeing Vic and the gang take a trip to the motor city in future installments?

Brian Lynch-I think, if we get to tell more stories, we absolutely HAVE to go to Detroit, don’t we? It’s a given.

BD-Besides the second outing of Monster Motors, you have have another project out next year….the Minions movie, highlighting the exploits of Kevin, Bob, and Stuart. Out of the three which one are you most like? and why?

Brian Lynch-Oh man, that’s a good question. I think probably Stuart, because I too have a laid-back attitude, and one eye dead center of my head.

BD-Last question: Minions will do big money. Bring you lots of success. Kudos, honestly. Trailer is great. …When they do you’re E! True Hollywood story, who do you want them to interview to tell you’re story?

Brian Lynch-Thank you! I love the movie. I think people are gonna really dig it. They can interview my wife, she knows a lot about me and seems to like me most days. My son is only a year and a half but he seems to be a fan. Just ask him lots of yes or no questions and he’ll be a terrific interview.

Give yourself an earlier Christmas present and pick up Monsters Motors, you’ll thank me. Also make sure to follow Brian on Twitter (@BrianLynch), he’s the definition of hilarity.

Also a big shout out to Kahill at IDW (@IDWPuplishing) for setting this up!!

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