Interview: Black Rose and Terminator 3 star Kristanna Loken

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Kristanna Loken first made her splash as the T-X in TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES and has since gone on to have a very exciting career. She’s had her own series, PAINKILLER JANE, and starred in numerous Uwe Boll films like BLOODRAYNE, IN THE NAME OF THE KING, and ATTACK ON DARFUR. She’s also begun to work behind the scenes as well and has a new venture in the works called Trio Entertainment which I’m sure we will be hearing much about it in the near future. Kristanna can currently be seen in the action thriller BLACK ROSE with Russian superstar Alexander Nevsky. When I spoke with her, she opened up about working with Nevsky, being a new mother, as well as returning to a role she originated twenty years ago.

Corey Danna: You’ve done some great work on television, MORTAL KOMBAT: KONQUEST and PAINKILLER JANE are favorites, can you talk a bit about your work on the tube? Would you be interested in returning to weekly television?

Kristanna Loken: PAINKILLER JANE was also a favorite of mine! I really enjoyed my character “Jane Vasco”. Jimmy Palmiotti (the creator of the PKJ comic book) and I, along with another partner have started a production company called Trio Entertainment ( Please stay tuned for upcoming films and TV projects that we have in development now. I would love to do more TV again. The content is so good with all of the competition and multimedia platforms that currently exist. 

CD: My nine year old daughter would kill me if I didn’t bring this up but can you talk a bit about reprising your role of Jennifer Bassett on GIRL MEETS WORLD?

KL: That was a lot of fun, it felt like I was going back to my high school reunion and seeing everyone again. BOY MEETS WORLD has such a cult following, I think it’s great that people wanted something very close to it on the air again. The show really tries to educate through the lessons that the characters learn on the show. It’s fun, inspiring, and has a lot of heart. Playing Jennifer Bassett again after 20 years was very reflective in and of itself. 

CD: I know Uwe Boll tends to get a bad rap but I can honestly say that I’m a huge fan of his. When I talked with him a couple of years back, we both agreed on how great ATTACK ON DARFUR is and how it never received a fair chance because of his (B.S.) reputation. The film features what I feel is one of your best dramatic performances, what are your thoughts on the film and its reception?


KL: I think ATTACK ON DARFUR was a very important and bold film to make. I agree that it didn’t get the proper chance it deserved. We made that film to help educate people on the genocide that was happening in the Darfur region of Sudan.  

CD: Your film FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM, which was scripted by your father, was a very personal film and another fantastic dramatic performance from you, can you talk about the struggles you faced bringing it to the screen?

KL: FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM was a labor of love. We shot it on my parent’s fruit farm where I grew up in upstate New York. Raising money for a passion project that is political was challenging. As a result, much personal money was spent. 

CD: It took a few years but BLACK ROSE has finally been released. How did you become involved in this project?

KL: Alexander is a fan of mine. We first met when I was doing PR for T3. He wanted to work with me and had me in mind for “Emily Smith” in BLACK ROSE. I read the script and liked the role. We met and I liked Alexander’s vision for the film. 

CD: What were your first impressions of working with Alexander Nevsky, on screen? There’s a great chemistry between the two of you.

KL: Alexander is an affable gentleman, on screen and off. He’s fun to be around and has become a good friend. 

CD: Since it was his directorial debut, how do you think he fared?

KL: I think he did well. The great thing about life is that we start somewhere, and have the option to improve every step of the way. 

CD: There are some interesting elements of trust, inexperience, and gender stereotypes that are addressed in the film. How did you approach those elements in the film?

I worked within the confines of the outline of the character. Then, I brought an aspect of how I thought the character should be. Inherently, I bring a quality that is me and what you see is what you get. 

CD: Now that you’re a mother, how has it changed or impacted the course of your career?

KL: I am much more aware of how I spend my time. Since I like to spend as much time as possible with Thor, what I choose to do when I’m not with him is a succinct choice. I am very impassioned about my career and want to continue doing quality work. I am trying to balance motherhood and work gracefully. 

CD: Do you have any new projects in the works your fans can look forward to? 

KL: Trio Entertainment has been my main focus. As I mentioned, things are moving forward but at this moment it is just slightly premature to make an official announcement. 

CD: Thank you so much for taking the time!

KL: My pleasure! Thanks for the interview and for being a fan! 

BLACK ROSE is currently available on DVD, VOD, and is now streaming on Netflix!