Interview: Artist and Writer of Norman: Stan Silas

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Hello everyone! After being held at gun point by Bub and everyone at SJP I decided to press charges because that’s illegal, also I got to sit down (via Facebook) with a very very interesting character! Stan Silas all the way from France the writer and artist of Norman the 8yr old serial killer. It’s adorable and bloody all at the same time! But…did Stan really want this to become a great hit? Lets find out as I threaten him with various questions! Just to let you know:

IS = Iron Squid (Me!)

Stan = Stan Silas (Him!)



IS: Alright so my first question: how did you get started in comics?

Stan: I had a blog in 2008- 2009 where i used to post some short comics. It was about Norman already. It wasn’t professional at all but i had fun, and it was a good way to learn the job. A publisher contact me, he wanted to create a real comics book about Norman and his friends. At the firt time, i said no, i thought i wasn’t ready and my draw not good enough. Finaly, one year later, i call him back… I’m still not a big fan of my work but it’s getting better…

IS:  So in other words you didn’t want to be a comic book author? Haha

Stan:  well, hum… i wasn’t proud enough of my work at that time…

IS: So, what made Norman pop out of your Noodle?

Stan: I’m a big fan of horror movies. Psycho is one of my favorite. But i’m not a comic reader, one a the few books a love is calvin and hobbes. I guess i mixed a bit of those, and drawing kids with big head is so much easier than realistic stuff.

Norman Preview









IS: True, and everyone loves Calvin and Hobbes. I do have to ask though, why is everyone so calm during murders?

Stan:  Grace was not that calm, a knife in her belly!

IS: She’ll walk it off, but what came up when deciding that this was going to be the story line? An elementary school doesn’t seem like the most ideal place for killing.

Stan: Well… hum.. As i said, i was not professional at the begining. I created Norman on a comic blog. each week, i drawn one page, something that made me laugh, without knowing where it leads… and i made that mistake. Not because elementary school is not an ideal place for murder (I think we can have fun murdering people everywhere) but it’s definitely not an ideal place to draw. Many tables, chairs, stuff on the wall… I didn’t know at that time. I broke my ass (french expression, i’m not sure it means something) on it. No more story in school. never ever.

IS: Right, killing people anywhere can be fun! Words of wisdom. So what changed your mind to publish volume one? You did say that you didn’t feel proud of your work at the time, can you explain a little more?


Stan: I wasn’t a big fan of my art. Jokes are ok, but the draw… erk. I never been to art art school, i had to learn it by myself and it takes time. since i improved, The second book is better, the third even better… I’m drawing my 8th book right now. It looks awsome.

IS: Hey Stan: Why is it that the twist ending is so twisty? (From Bob comics r kewel co-host)

Stan:  the final twist is something i love in horror movies. Even if it’s often cheesy, It’s the best way for me to finnish a movie. So i tried to do the same in my comics. Tonight i’m going to watch Horsehead, Hopefully I won’t be disapointed…

IS: That’s fair, granted The Village was a dumb ending. Haha, so what’s next for Norman? And when can we expect book 2?

Stan: Well, the village was shit from the beginning to the end, no ? The second book is the most bloody violent of all. It’s my favorite. ^__^ I hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as i laughed drawing it. When? I heard something like september. You can find more info about it easily, there is a teaser around the net (with major spoiler in it… you, americans ! >__<)

IS: Of course it was a terrible movie! With us being American though…we like our spoilers. How far do you plan on taking this project?

Stan: There is 5 books about Norman (Plus 1 spin off with Sylvia) I don’t know when it will end. It will continue as long as it make me laugh, i hope… I took a break though to start a new story with new characters (Biguden). I’m drawing the third book right now.


IS: Alright Stan, one final question and they we can wrap up this interview: What inspires you to come up with stories? What puts you in that mind set besides horror movies?

Stan: The storie itself is just an excuse to have fun. When I start the first book, i wasn’t “comics drawer” (I was computer specialist, ah ah ).  I didn’t consider myself as an artist. I just did something I like. So I guess nothing put me that in my mind. It’s just the way I am.

IS: Well, thank you Stan for joining me for this on a first ever Comics R Kewel written interview!

Stan: I hope you will be able tu make all of that interresting ^__^ Thank you for taking interest in my job!



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