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Hey nerds, recently I was able to catch up with up incoming actress Ashley Park. You might have seen her in the fun late night comedy All American Bikini Car Wash. If you missed that you’ll have plenty of chances to view her talents this year ’cause she was four upcoming releases: Superpowerless, the horror anthology Terror Tales, and sci-fi flicks Trapdoor and Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter with Tracey Birdsall and William Kircher. Outside of all this business she continues to have an active modeling, spokesperson, and pageant career. Currently, she hold the title of Miss Asia-USA representing the country of Korea. So yeah, she’s kinda busy…

Thank for doing this! Current you are the reigning Miss Asia USA–what are some of your duties?

Of course! Thank you for the opportunity! Yes, I was fortunate enough to be crowned Miss Asia USA 2016, and I am currently fulfilling my duties with Virgelia Productions. Virgelia Villegas is the pageant director, and she does an incredible job of sending the titleholders out to wonderful events through the year. We make appearances at quite a few red carpet events throughout Los Angeles, and we have recently had the pleasure of volunteering at the Veteran’s Hospital and at other wonderful community programs.

How’d you get into actually acting?

Acting is something that I’ve always wanted to do, but I was actually pursuing journalism as an intern at Seventeen Magazine when I stumbled upon an acting school. I really haven’t looked back since. Somehow I was suddenly inspired to finally pursue it, and I’m so glad I didn’t wait any longer. I moved out to LA, and the rest is history!

Pageant, model or acting harder?

They are all so different, so it’s very difficult to say! Each trajectory has its own individual challenges, and I truly love and respect all of them. Pageantry is absolutely incredible, and I have the upmost respect for women who compete in pageants on a regular basis. Trust me, I can say firsthand that pageantry is by no means easy! Miss Asia USA was my very first pageant, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences of my life. I only really started doing some modeling as a result of joining the pageant, so I have never really considered myself to be a model. However, now that I have had the opportunity to experience it, I very much respect what professional models do. Acting is my passion, and it requires unwavering dedication and incredible resilience. Having been an athlete and a competitor throughout my entire life, I have been working on building these attributes for a very long time. Being an actor is definitely a marathon, not a sprint, and I am in it for the long haul.

You have a ton of stuff coming up. You’re in the horror anthology Terror Tales–looks like a lot fun – tell us about your part?

Absolutely! Terror Tales is going to be such a blast to shoot. It stars Lynn Lowry, Liane Curtis, Laurene Landon, Ari Lehman, Christopher Showerman and Jonathan Tiersten. My character is Alisha Harding, and she comes up in the “Radical Video” segment of the film. Alisha’s peaceful evening of watching movies turns into a night of horror, and she ends up being the key to connecting the different characters of this segment.

Did you have a favorite horror franchise growing up?

I don’t think I had a favorite, simply because I was too scared to watch them without a pillow over my face! I do remember watching the Child’s Play movies (Chucky), and being beyond terrified! I’m not sure who actually talked me into watching those, but they must have been very persuasive, now that I look back on it.

You have a couple other genre films coming out this year too; Rogue Warrior and Trapdoor–what are those about?

I’ve been so fortunate to have these wonderful opportunities to do sci-fi films as of late, and Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter is no exception. Tracey Birdsall stars as fierce warrior Sienna, and my character is the flirty but strong Rihanna. It is currently in post-production, and I’ve heard that it is going to be epic! I’m looking forward to its release in the coming months. Our amazing director Neil Johnson was a blast to work with, and our cast is a truly talented bunch. Trapdoor is another desert sci-fi that is in pre-production, although it definitely has more horror elements and is more of a female-focused thriller.

Again thank you for your time – where can keep up with you?

Of course! Thank you again for having me. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram via @xoashleypark.

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