Interview: Actress, Writer, Producer Brea Grant

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Fan boy favorite and Heroes alum, Brea Grant, while promoting her latest film, Oliver,Stoned took time to answer this humble punk’s questions.

If you’re unfamiliar with Brea, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THIS SITE THEN? Ok, that was harsh…but she’s been in a bunch of stuff.

Beside Heroes, she’s appeared in numerous TV shows like Dexter, and hit films like Pitch Perfect 2. Ms. Grant also represents strong horror cred with roles in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, and the 80’s horror fan letter Smothered, also Real Housewives of Horror over on The blood soaked spoof is produced, written and starring the lovely Grant–making her a bona-fide triple threat. Besides acting, she’s also written comics like Will We Bury You, a zombie thriller and the Suicide Girls, based on the NSFW website, both for IDW.

If that doesn’t jog you’re memory, Brea is also the girlfriend of former Attack of the Show host Kevin Pereira…with their powers combined they make one of the most power couples in the 9 realms of Geekdom, or something close to that.

Anyways, here’s the interview…enjoy!

Duff: Before I get into Oliver,Stoned, I wanted to let you know we have a mutual friend, Mike Shaw (Sidebar: Mike’s the executive producer of Nerdist News and credited with inventing of Attack of the Show) —Mike and I went to school together; we did some school plays, made some stupid little movies, watched a lot of movies, including the English Patient in the theater with his mom!—always knew he’d make it, anyways, being the friend that I am, do you have any embarrassing stories on him? I know him as a nice guy, but I have a hunch he’s really a jerk. Prove me right!

Brea: Hahaha – I love Mike! I don’t have any embarrassing stories on him. He’s a pretty great all around guy. I think for those stories, you’d have to go to my boyfriend (Kevin Pereira) because they talk about Attack of the Show like old war veterans.

Duff: Enough harping on an old friend (he’s almost 40!), Oliver, Stoned, fun film…what’s it like being in a “stoner comedy” ?

Brea: It’s really fun being in a stoner comedy! Although you would think we would be high while making the film but that’s not the case. I’m loving the audience it’s attracting so far. Stoners who like funny stuff or people who like stoners are the kind of people who I want to be around.

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Duff: Tell us about your character?

I play Meg a sort of uptight girl who has been pulled into this whole adventure against her will but learns to lighten up on the way.

Duff: Do you have a favorite “stoner comedy”, was there one you drew some inspiration from?

Brea: I don’t know if I have a favorite. In recent years, I really like Pineapple Express.

Duff: I have to ask that , that blue spandex thing, didn’t look awesome to be in, what is it and was that in the script?

Brea: Haha – that was what everyone affectionately called “the blueberry” but it was just a wrestler outfit, I think? There’s a running gag in the movie where my clothes keep getting thrown up on and I have to start wearing more and more ridiculous outfits.

Duff: How high was Seth (Seth Casell, title charter in Oliver, Stoned) during the shoot–he’s pretty convincing.

Brea: He was so high the whole time. Just kidding. He was great. Seth is a pro and you kind of have to be up for anything when you are working on a film essentially just for the love it. He was really fun to work with.

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[/one_half] [one_half_last]Duff: I have to ask about Real Housewives of Horror, which is really rad. Now you produce it, you write it, and you star in it…tough doing all three, I imagine, which “hat” so to speak do you like to wear most?

Brea: They all kind of use different parts of my brain so it’s nice to get to do all three. I’m really lucky that I get to do all three actually. I think it keeps me sane. I like writing because it’s something I get to do alone and there’s not as much pressure as acting. As an actor, you have to be “on” a lot and it gets a little exhausting. And writing lets me do the weird crazy things that I don’t necessarily get to do as an actor.

Duff: Fellow Real House Wife of Horror, Briana Lane (Roxanne on RHOH), is also in Oliver, Stoned what was it like working with her on a different project?

Brea: I actually met Briana on this shoot. I had met her at the table read and had a brief scene with her. But one night while I had some down time, I wandered into the editing room (which was in the house we were filming in and everyone was living in — it was definitely violating some sort of zoning laws) and I saw a scene Briana was in. We were casting for RHOH at the time and I called her up.

Duff: Without giving too much away, anything you can say about season 2 of RHOH?

Brea: I don’t think I can give anything away because I’m not sure if there is going to be one!

Duff: So what’s next you for you, I know you’re in Alleluia: The Devil’s Carnival, which our site is gushing over, you have RHOH, do you have time for anything else? If so what is it?

Brea: Yeah! I’m glad you liked Devil’s Carnival! I haven’t seen it yet so I’m very exciting to see it! It was crazy to work on. I’m not nearly as busy as social media would lead you to believe. I spend a lot of time reading sci-fi novels and watching bad (and good) television. I’m kind of a homebody so any time I can just sit at my house binge-watching with my boyfriend is a good night.

The ganga powered comedy, Oliver,Stoned crashes onto all VOD formats and DVD August 4th. It’s very funny and has a lot of heart, check it out.

Bonus, I talk to Oliver’s star Seth Casell late this week, so you want to check that out. Stay Tuned.

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