Interview: Actress Ciara Hanna

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While out promoting numerous projects, including James Cullen Bressack’s Pernicious, I was able to sneak  in a questions with the former Nickledeon star.  Not familiar? Ciara has already amassed a solid IMDB page, and keeps adding better and bigger roles…though for you Mighty Morphan Maniacs our there she’ll always be Power Rangers Megaforces very own Yellow Ranger. 

Enjoy and share, nerds! 

Duff: Pernicious, just hit  Netflix, it’s on VOD, DVD, etc-why should horror fans check it out?

Hanna: If you’re a horror film fan, you’ll love it. It has a great story, gore, suspense, and hot girls. What more do you need on a Friday night? 
   Duff: It was filmed in Thailand, a country I’ve traveled and dig a lot. Everyone who visits has a “Thailand story”-what’s yours? Anything crazy? 

Hanna: The flash floods!!! In one day it was sun shine and great and next thing you know it starts raining and you look out side to the streets filled with water up to your knees!!! It was insane! And then 2 hours later it would be gone! You have to be prepared for any kind of weather there!!! 

The opening scene to the movie we are riding on a boat up to a dock to get to the house. The crew had to build the dock for us for that scene. When we first started filming that was all dry ground and we were supposed to arrive in a taxi but due to the weather the river overflowed into the yard and we had to make do! 

Duff: This was you’re second film with director James Cullen Breasack, what’s it like working with him?

Hanna: LOVE JAMES!! I’ve done 3 films with him since Pernicious and I will work on a million more. He is such a great director. You would never know his age for what he has accomplished. I am so proud of him. 

Duff:  You’ve been cast as 80’s, 90’s icon Heather Locklear in the Melrose Place biopic for Lifetime. What’s it like playing someone so recognized and still alive for that matter?

Hanna: ITS TERRIFYING. But also the biggest honor. She is known as a sex symbol, so to be cast as her is a big compliment! Everyone knows her so well, so I hope I did her justice! 

 Duff: Most fans know you as the Gia the Yellow Ranger from PowerRangers Megaforce…what’s it like being part of a huge franchise like the Power Rangers? And what do you think of the feature film in production, what will most likely be darker than current PR series? 

Hanna: It’s amazing! Power Rangers has the biggest and most loyal fan base. I was so overwhelmed when I first became apart of it. I’m really looking forward to the new film! It’s cool that they are putting some money and great people behind power rangers and bringing a cool concept to it that the older original fans will love.

Duff: Wrapping up…what’s next for you? And is there anymore Horror in the future, you have a knack for it.

Hanna: Working on some films right now that I will keep everyone updated on my Twitter and instagram @ciarahanna20 . I’m also doing a lot of conventions this year to meet everyone! So super excited for that!!

Duff: Thanks Ciara!

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