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The time has come for an Alliance to rise up and attack the Imperial Empire. This leaves Empress Nobu (Ellie Church) in a tough position and she has to think fast, come up with a plan to possibly stop the rebels from causing any further damage. The planet of Endor has been nearly destroyed by war but somewhere on the planet is Leah C6 (Cat Cakmis), a cyborg who may just harbor the intelligence needed to put a stop to the Alliance who are planning an insurgence, one that could kill millions of people. Empress Nobu assembles a team of Galactic Rangers to search the planet high and low to find the borg. The task will not be easy, mystic Kindo-Ker (Glenn Maynard) and his Rebels are there and ready to thwart their every move.

Director Albert Pyun has been in the business of making films for over 35 years. Four years ago, he retired from making films due to health issues. Even though he’s suffering from dementia, is desire, passion, and love of film has driven him to continue on. INTERSTELLAR CIVIL WAR is his first film completed since the diagnosis and it’s quite different from what you would expect from the man who gave us B-movie classics like CYBORG and NEMESIS. There are similar themes and ideas, but it’s almost as if the story is being told through the mind of Albert himself in his current state. It could very well be his most personal film to date, a product of a suffering mind. His visual style is very interesting and the film looks as if it was predominantly shot on green screen. Pyun’s longtime musical collaborator Tony Riparetti delivers another exquisite score, one which will hopefully become available soon.

Most of the actors are newcomers and all are quite good. A couple of familiar faces did jump out at me, actors I’ve been keeping my eye on for quite some time. Ellie Church stretches and expands her horizons by being a part of this sci-fi odyssey, mostly known for her roles in indie horror films like HEADLESS and HARVEST LAKE. Glenn Maynard delivered a powerhouse performance in the brilliant CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA and to see him appear in this was quite the surprise. INTERSTELLAR CIVIL WAR is quite the triumph, with little funding, Pyun and crew were able to gather, against all odds, every resource available to them. They came together, bringing the vision of a true auteur to life. It’s not a film for everyone, but those who have followed Albert Pyun from the beginning, who have respected and appreciated his career, will find this fits in perfectly with his brand of entertainment. Fight on, Albert, fight on!

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