I Saw Markiplier: You’re Welcome Tour

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Usually, I do not write articles about things that’s I do on my personal time, but after going out with the Wife and seeing Markiplier’s: You’re Welcome Tour, I had to say something.

First off, I purchased the tickets for the obvious reason of being a fan of Markiplier, I did not go in with any expectations, to be fair I did not know what to expect, I wanted to go in, laugh or be incredibly angry that I wasted money on a guy who looks good in any hair color…his hair makes me so jealous. But I got so much more out of their performance.

The entire show was improv comedy, with a very clever opening animated short introducing everyone to the song “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” by Awolnation, in that one video, I knew this was going to be a really fun show. They came out on stage with Mark changing into different outfits and singing a song about..well the audio wasn’t that great at that point and I couldn’t hear because of all the laughter, but the costume change and dancing were cheesy and hilarious.

Mark, Bob, Ethan, Tyler, and Wade all came out on stage and called a young lady up to the stage and had her pick out of 4 briefcases, what show we would see tonight, after picking her two least favorite cast members, we got the Horror Show! After that is was all laughs and Improv Games like “Freeze Tag”, “Change” and a few other games all based on the horror genre.

Personally, I’ll start by saying that none of them can act, but they danced, sang and interacted with the audience smoothly, leaving everyone in the room feeling excited and waiting for what else they could come up with on the fly

Finally, let me say that Mark and his friends took a huge risk, going on tour with improv is hard, it takes talent to keep an audience interested and entertained on stage and they nailed it beautifully, cheese and all.

But I took a lot from this show, Mark and his friends have a chemistry that could be compared to the Whose Line Is It Anyway cast, they aren’t just a team, they are a family. They came on stage and put on a show not for themselves…but for their audiences, and that’s something that’s I respect and hold strong when it comes to sitting down and watching Mark and his friends make complete fools out of themselves.

You can tell that they don’t do it for the money, the fame, the glory…they do it to entertain, to make us laugh, they do it to raise money for causes and most importantly: Their Fans, and that’s something you don’t see a lot nowadays.

Say whatever you want about Mark and his friends, but their abilities to take risks and inspire others is barred none and that’s something that not a lot of YouTube Let’s Players can say that they’ve accomplished…(I feel the same way about Jack btw.)

Markiplier’s: You’re Welcome Tour, was beautiful, risky and just all around a good time for everyone.

Mark and friends, I respect and highly encourage you to continue doing what you’re doing and grow as a solid entertainment group!

Also..stop having amazing hair…Ethan.