Hellboy In Hell #4 Review

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Most of the comics this year have had there highs and lows. Hellboy In Hell is one of the comics in my opinion that has been consistently good. These past four issues feel like one big set up for the Hellboy comics too come. So far there has been little need to know the anything of the other comics. There has been a couple references to old Hellboy comics but nothing that affects the story. This series has dabble in Hellboys family and explained how Hellboy came into possession of the hand of doom. So this really is a good starting point for Hellboy fans. Like Edward Grey tells Hellboy this is a chance for him to begin again.

Issue four is short on any action and heavier on the dialogue than the other three, but none the less leaves you wanting more. One great thing that this issue does is answers the question of what happened to Sir Edward Grey. Grey history isn’t on a need to know basis either. It really just explains what a good guy in hell is doing there in the first place, and at the same time rewards Mignola fans with an answer to what happened to Grey. Grey Reassures Hellboy that this isn’t the end only a new beginning. Feeding Hellboy only what he believes he needs to know. Towards the end of the comic you see Grey talking to a mysterious person. The conversation that ensues informs the reader that there are three major things Hellboy has to accomplish without actually telling what they are. One of those things Grey may just have to do himself since he interfered saving Hellboy.

One of the last pages in this issue is probably one of my favorite so far. Showing empty houses, corpses, birds flying and dripping water. Then in the last panel is Hellboy lighting and cigarette and he says one word staying true to the character “Okay”. Those two pages really exemplify the laid back and sarcastic attitude of Hellboy that fans have come to love. With the unique art style of Mike Mignola and coloring of Dave Stewart this comic has really proven to be a high point for the Hellboy series. So of course I would recommend this comic to any one who’s looking for a good series to dive into.

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