Haunted Horrors Cover Coloring Book Is The Coolest Thing You Can Buy This Week!

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I’ll admit I’ve scoffed at “Adult Coloring Books” in the past. Just another hipster, latte loving, skinny jean- lovin’ fade I can’t relate too. Yes, I’m old and white, maybe angry. Oh, and real men drink coffee, black from a mug with John Wayne on it that goes unwashed.


My opinion on “Adult Coloring Books” is taking a progressive swing… Maybe even a Bernie turn if they continue to allow me the chance to add my take to the works of Frank Frazetta, Don Heck, L.B. Cole!

For $10 bucks you get over 60 pages of these artists and more’s best cover from the Pre-Code Horror era. All the zombies, gore, and screaming ladies you want!

Haunted Horror is one of my favorite reads, also one of my favorite things to gift. Everyone loves pre-code ghouls! If only this was out at Christmas…maybe the wife would like it for V-Day?

Make sure you pick this up and if you do share your colorings with us on twitter at @slackjawpunks. Love to mock them, I mean retweet them.

HH Coloring Book Cover-2