Happy Ghostbusters Day

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Who You Gonna Call?

He-Man? NO! THE GHOSTBUSTERS! Thirty-three years ago on June 8th, 1984 the original paranormal comedy starring Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie  Hudson burst onto the silver screen, Ecto 1 siren blaring its way into the hearts of many.

Original 1984 Cast(Egon Spengler(Harold Ramis), Winston Zeddemore(Ernie Hudson), Peter Venkman(Bill Murray), Ray Stanz(Dan Aykroyd))

It’s no mystery to anyone who may listen to the Slackjaw Punks podcast that Ghostbusters is my movie. Released the year before my birth, I practically was born with a proton pack in hand ready to do some bustin’- because you know what makes me feel good? That’s right, BUSTIN MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!

cto-1 built from the chassis of a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor professional chassis

I’ll be taking over the Slackjaw Punks social media today to share some of my favorite Ghostbuster Trivia to head over to Twitter(@slackjawpunks), Instagram(@slackjawpunks) and our Offical Slackjaw Punks Facebook page!

Terror Hound, minion of Gozer the Destructor
Gozer the Gozerian, Lord of  the Sebouillia portrayed by Slavitza Jovan and voiced by Paddi Edwards

“One ugly spud,” the fan favorite Slimer is rumored to a be a spiritual homage to the late John Belushki, a close friend of Dan Aykroyd

Happy Ghostbusters Day 2017



and of course, the original 1984 Theatrical Movie Trailer!

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