Guillermo del Toro on Dark Universe

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Not too long ago at a magical place called Wondercon, Guillermo del Toro spoke about his upcoming project entitled Dark Universe during his Pacific Rim panel. While he is scheduled to work on Crimson Peak after Pacific Rim, he mentioned that the ball is rolling on Dark Universe. Supposedly, he has finished what he refers to as Dark Universe’s “bible” before he hands it over to the writer, whoever that may be.

He confirmed that Constantine will be leading the team, and he will be BLONDE this time around unlike the earlier Keanu Reeves’ version. The team will also feature Swamp Thing, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon, Zatanna, Spectre and Jason Blood. Unlike most superhero team movies, there won’t be any origins as the characters will be established already.

Stay glued to for more updates on Dark Universe.