Gotham, are you excited?

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Duff here…

Fox’s new  “Gotham” premiering Sept. 22nd has my bat-cowl in knots with worry that it will disappoint.  I’m high on joker gas for this!

Gotham is the origin story of not just Bruce Wayne transformation into Batman, but all of the great Bat villains. You know ’em all…Joker, Catwomen, Poison Ivy,  Penguin, Hugo Strange, Riddler, Scarecrow… It is also  will tell the story of Jim Gordon.  A veteran coming back to his home town only to find it crime ridden.  A place that’s about the haves and the have-nots, where black and white blur and gray is everywhere.

The story starts with the murder of Wayne’s parents, it is also Gordon’s first case. Gordon will work alongside hard-nose detective Harvey Bullock to solve the killing.  Catwomen is also introduced as a child about the same age as Wayne, but less privilege than the future hero. Other baddies will pop up through out the season as well, though creator Bruno Heller (Mentalist, Rome) says they might not always be so obvious to detect.  Rumor has it by years end, we will introduced to the Joker, the presumed killer of Wayne’s parents.

The cast looks promising, you just have to say Donal Logue (Vikings, Cooper, S.O.A.) and I’m there like two face on loose change I’m there.  Logue is playing Harvey Bullock  who plays mentor to a young Detective Jim Gordon, portrayed by Ben McKenzie.  I didn’t watch McKenzie on the OC, (despite the rumors I have lost my man card over my obsession with Downton Abbey), but I have seen him the cop drama Southland and totally picture him as the famed young detective.  The only person I’m leery of is Jada Pinkett Smith, I haven’t seen much for her outside of Scream 2, but she is partly responsible for Willow and Jaden and that is concern for us all.  She is cast as a new character called Fish Mooney, a mover and shaker in the underworld of Gotham.

From the trailers, “Gotham” appears to have the look of  what us Bat-freaks love.  I assume the show will be more cop-who-done-it drama than superhero feast, and I’m totally fine with that.  After all, Batman is the World’s Greatest Detective, but who inspired him to be that, where did he learn the skills, perhaps “Gotham” and young Jim Gordon can answer this for us.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re flipping Batarangs over this or are you just waiting for Affleck’s Dark Knight representation, or is the only Batman in your life lives in Arkham on your Play Station.