Get Your Hands On The New Arsenic Lullaby “The Devil’s Only Friend”

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A couple of months back creator of indie comic Arsenic Lullaby, Douglas Paszkiewicz came onto Podcast #63 and I began a new man crush. If you think the idea of aborted fetuses brought back to life to help a witch doctor make people’s lives miserable, you are a sick human being and just like the rest of us you will love Arsenic Lullaby! Keeping with his do-it-yourself roots Paszkiewicz is  now self funding AL via kickstarter. Well, here read what the man himself has to say and go get one of the most offensively wonderful comics out now!


So as not to waste your time I will START with the link to the free pdfs  is here

now then …

The future is here.  The next issue is being launched on kickstarter.  If you want the next issue, go there.  There are exclusive covers, t-shirts, sketch covers…the Arsenic Lullaby world is your oyster, but time is running out.  Don’t come crying to me when it’s over.

Aside from all that stuff, there is bonus merch being racked up as we speak, we have already reached a bonus goal and everyone who gets on board is getting a Arsenic Lullaby trading card…future goals have more bonuses, packs of trading cards, drink coasters, and the alternative covers being upgraded FREE to HARDCOVER.

Like Arsenic Lullaby?  Want it to continue to grow and thrive…this is how it is done in 2014.



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